• Angel 2009

    Look up sociopath and you will find MeAnn is the poster child.

  • julie.zelko

    Holly I am neither possessed or obsessed. I am a writer and I write for a celebrity blog – you realize that right!?! I noticed you get most upset when I write a post that provides her own tweets as evidence because then it is not merely speculation. I understand that seeing people we care about – as clearly you care about LeAnn are her self-proclaimed day one fan – behaving badly isn’t easy but you don’t do your idol any favors by condoning her bad actions and bad behavior.
    But I did notice something you might like – I was wondering who LeAnn reminded me of in her Thanksgiving picture and it was you!

  • julie.zelko

    It stands to reason that when you are wishing bad upon a person – as you have with me and countless others – you are in turn creating your own karma.

  • Natalie

    Possessed and obsessed? Really now Hollly. I am sorry, but I find that ironic coming from you. I have seen you anywhere there is a story about LR. You seem to be on a mission to try and convert the world into LR fans, and piously scold them for refusing to convert. But look at her record sales, her records aren’t selling, not b/c she lacks talent, but more b/c she lacks character and integrity. She simply has become unlikeable. Your threats of Karma are ridiculous. I don’t think there is any Karmic law that say’s everyone has to adore LeAnn Rimes, or else.

  • julie.zelko

    Holly did you even read the post??most of it is LeAnn’s OWN TWEETS – I didn’t create those she created those and I just put them on a blog. If you have a problem with her tweets I suggest you take that up with her. Maybe she isn’t your idol after all.

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