Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Spanking Their Children – Child Abuse? (Video)

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Spanking Their Children - Child Abuse? (Video)

Nick Cannon wants everyone to know that he’s not playing around when it comes to his two children with Mariah Carey, twins Moroccan and Monroe. Who knew that Nick was going to be such a disciplinarian?

Earlier this week, he addressed the twins’ terrible twos saying, “I got my belt out already! It’s ready.”

Us Magazine reports:

On who’s the tougher parent: “Who do you think? Me! I don’t play that!”
On when his kids can listen to his music: “When they can go to the club!”
On when they can start dating: “Oh, no, my son can date at, like, 3 if he wants, but my daughter, never.”

Watch the video where Nick talks on the topic of playing good cop/bad cop with his twins:

Do you think it’s child abuse because he wants to spank their twins? He is a really hands-on kind of guy, but is that taking things way too far? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  • autoprt

    nick needs to learn to just shut up when it comes to the kids.
    he keeps it up he’s going to have dcys at his home soon.
    it’s like he’s trying to prove he’s the head of house when everyone know mariah runs things… which is ok but the fact he is trying to be the man is very annoying.

  • internetuser

    Ain’t nothing wrong with spanking!