Bryna Rifkin, Marion Cotillard’s Publicist Mean and Condescending or Just Doing Her Job? (VIDEO)

Bryna Rifkin, Marion Cotillard's Publicist Mean and Condescending or Just Doing Her Job? (VIDEO)

So Marion Cotillard‘s name has been dragged through the mud, not because of any actions of her own, but those of her publicist, IDPR’s Bryna Rifkin. Now, publicists are never supposed to be the center of attention, and it’s their job to make sure their clients always look good. However, people underestimate how difficult their jobs are – from the constant pushing from the hundreds of press people on any given red carpet, not to discount official interviews, managing tabloid stories, and going through promotional cycles every time a new movie comes out. Add this to the fact that publicists often do this for multiple clients, and you can see why they would be so frazzled.

Now, from the video posted online, we can see that Bryna is definitely being rude – but again, that’s kind of a publicist’s M.O. I’m not condoning her actions, but let’s just put ourselves in her shoes for a second. We only see part of the video, and it’s obvious that the interviewer has been pretty aggressive in requesting an interview. On the one hand, what harm can a small interview do? On the other hand, she can’t be unfair and grant one small interview to one outlet but not the others that got passed over, can she?

So we see Bryna being rude in the video, but we don’t see what came before it. When the reporter tells her that she’s not being ‘nice‘, Bryna’s response is that the reporter is being ‘pretty aggressive’ – which probably means that she’s already asked her a ton of times for an interview, and then probably got turned down. And eventually, it probably does get irritating to keep saying no, knowing that you have to get your client into the movie in time. It was a premiere, and Marion didn’t have unlimited time to keep answering questions and doing interviews – and it’s the publicist’s job to get her through in time.

So in the end, sure, her behavior was rude. She could have been nicer. But in that same position, how many people wouldn’t crack under the pressure and act the same way? Especially with someone who clearly refuses to take no for an