Miley Cyrus Officialy Breaks Up With Liam Hemsworth – Unfollows Liam On Twitter – Engagement Over!!

Miley Cyrus Officialy Breaks Up With Liam Hemsworth - Unfollows Liam On Twitter

Miley Cyrus has unfollowed Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. Is this it? Has the breakup finally become official?

We’ve been hearing endless reports about Miley’s and Liam’s on-again/off-again relationship, from how she’s desperate for him to stay and how he’s desperate to leave. Although we heard that neither of them wanted to pull the plug, it looks like Miley’s finally done it.

Obviously, unfollowing someone on Twitter can be easily remedied once you start following them again. But I have a feeling Miley and Liam are finally done for good. How much longer can their relationship last, really? They’ve gone through six months of breakups and makeups, and I think Miley’s finally gotten a point where she’s stopped caring. Liam, too, is reportedly too embarrassed to be seen with her, and doesn’t want his career to suffer because of her public image.

It’s a bittersweet ending to a relationship that somehow managed to last over three years. Liam and Miley met while they were both filming The Last Song, when they were still naive teenagers. Miley was slowly transitioning away from her Disney image and Liam was just starting his Hollywood career. Of course, three years makes a world of difference, and Miley’s now the new go-to poster girl for good girl gone bad, whereas Liam has become a Hollywood hunk who’s part of a billion dollar franchise but has yet to open a film on his own.

What do you guys think about Miley unfollowing Liam? Do you think it’s just temporary and she will eventually get back together with him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.