Liam Hemsworth Breaks Off Engagement To Miley Cyrus After MTV VMA Rape of Robin Thicke

Liam Hemsworth Breaks Off Engagement To Miley Cyrus After MTV VMA Rape of Robin Thicke

Liam Hemsworth already seems hesitant to be seen with Miley Cyrus in public, so you can imagine his reaction when he watched her embarrassing, risque, and over-the-top performance as she raped Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs on Sunday.

Although there were rumors that Liam would be showing up at the VMAs to support Miley, the rumors turned out to be false. Liam was never to be seen on the red carpet nor the show, and he clearly did not make an appearance. This only intensified rumors that he and Miley are in a rough spot, contrary to what Miley would have you believe. But sources close to Liam have stated that he’s only staying with her out of a sense of obligation, not because he really wants to. And after last night, I actually don’t blame him.

It’s clear that Miley’s trying to figure herself out right now, and being in a serious relationship when you’re going through a personal crisis is never a good idea. She’s trying so hard to be seen as sexy and re-establish her image, and nobody’s even able to understand why. She’s a talented singer, and people like Adele have proved that you don’t need to strip to sell your music. So what’s going on? Is she actually trying to prove something to Liam himself? Is she just hitting out after years of being trapped under the Disney banner? Nobody knows.

Either way, Liam’s supposedly not very happy with the way his ‘girlfriend’ performed last night, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last straw for him. Here he is, trying to be all respectable and actorly despite his latest movie bombing at the box office, and Miley’s definitely not helping his image right now.

What do you guys think? Are Liam and Miley over, are will they continue to struggle through their problems? Time for Liam to get back with January Jones? Let us know what you think in the comments.