Courtney Loves Dallas Live Recap With Courtney Kerr Episode 1 on Bravo

Courtney Loves Dallas Live Recap With Courtney Kerr Episode 1 on Bravo

Courtney Kerr, an up-and-coming fashionista stole viewers’ hearts in the popular Bravo reality series Most Eligible Dallas. Courtney will return to Bravo tonight in the premiere of her own reality series, Courtney Loves Dallas. The new docu-series will follow Kerr as she pursues a career in fashion, after leaving her stable job in retail. Courtney must learn to juggle her new career and opportunities in the fashion world, operate her growing fashion blog, and her relationships with her family and friends, all while coping with the fact that her Mom may have cancer. With everything that is going on in Courtney’s career and personal life, she is still trying to find the perfect Southern gentleman to settle down with.

On Most Eligible Dallas Courtney pined over her friend of many years, Mike Nordgren. After a bumpy and roller-coaster of a season Matt finally made a move and kissed Courtney on the season finale. Unfortunately on the reunion show following the finale Courtney and Matt revealed that the kiss meant nothing, and they never committed to a relationship, because Matt wanted to be single. Despite the fact that Courtney’s best-friend, Matt Nordgren, broke her heart on Most Eligible Dallas, she is ready to dive back into the Dallas dating scene.

Tonight on the season premiere of Courtney Loves Dallas, Courtney will deal with the pressure of losing her corporate job in retail, and take the first steps towards working full-time on her growing fashion-blog. With all of the stress of her drastic new career change, Courtney still finds time to go out on the town with her best-friend Tori, and explore Dallas’s singles’ scene.

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The season premiere of Courtney Loves Dallas opens with Courtney discuss her horrible track record with guys. She has been waiting to find her knight and shining armor, but every guy she meets turns out to be just another “douchebag in tin foil.”

Even though she hasn’t had the best luck with men, her new fashion blog “What Courtney Wore” is doing very well. So, she decided to leave her “cushiony corporate job” to work on her blog full-time.

Courtney is having a drink with her best-friend Tori, when a delivery man arrives with packages full of new clothes and shoes. Designers send her clothes so that she will write about them on her blog.

Courtney and Tori decide to go out for a girls’ night, so Courtney can wear the new outfit. They meet some cute guys at the bar, but are shocked when they find out they are only 21 (a little too young for them).

The next day, Courtney is ridiculously hung-over. A hangover as a thirty year old, is ten times worse than being hung-over when she was twenty. She struggles to get dressed, she is supposed to meet Tori, and her friends Katie and Thais for brunch. Katie and Thais are both younger than Tori and Courtney, but they are both married with kids. Thais irritates Courtney when she points out that she has a two year old, and Courtney is still single at 30. Courtney reveals to her friends that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, because she doesn’t want to be distracted from her career. And, she is still hurt about what happened between her and Matt (on Most Eligible Dallas).

The next day Courtney’s friend Annie pays her a visit at her apartment, and brings her some new jewelry for her to post on her blog. Courtney is trying to pick out some outfits for her photo shoot for her blog. Annie has some bad news for her though. Matt RSVP’d, and he will be at the party she is going to tonight, Courtney is going to have to see him. She hasn’t seen or talked to her ex Matt in a year, he met someone “better” than her, and ditched Courtney for that girl.

Courtney’s photographer Molly arrives, and Courtney has to go do her photo-shoot. After her shoot, Tori arrives at her house and helps Courtney look over photos from her shoot. Courtney reveals that Matt is going to be at the party they are going to, Tori thinks she should wear high-heels so she can kick him…hard.

At the party Courtney is sitting and drinking with Annie, Tori, and Thais, and then Matt arrives. Courtney tries not to make eye contact, but he walks over to her and her friend and says hello… To Be Continued…