NeNe Leakes Called Lesbian By Porsha Stewart – Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight Erupts

NeNe Leakes Called Lesbian By Porsha Stewart – Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight Erupts

I guess Porsha Stewart got really tired of hearing about her split from Kordell Stewart and decided that it was time to throw a bit of shade at some of her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta costars. Apparently Porsha doesn’t know what a bad idea it is to sling mud at NeNe Leakes and that she is probably the last Housewife that you really want to have beef with.

Porsha declared on National television that NeNe and fellow co-star, Cynthia Bailey have an “unnatural relationship”. Porsha is your typical good Christian girl and so by unnatural she actually meant lesbian. It’s true, NeNe and Cynthia seem a little too close at times but that might just be because they have truly bonded while doing RHOA. The whole cast has commented on NeNe and Cynthia’s crazy bond and eyebrows have definitely been raised but no one else dared to speculate on what might be really happening. Porsha also knew it was going to take a big nugget of info to take the heat off of her failing marriage and this certainly worked, at least for a minute.

NeNe Leakes Called Lesbian By Porsha Stewart – Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight Erupts

According to the May 20th print edition of In Touch NeNe completely denies any lesbian tendencies and simply insists that Cynthia is her girl and the person that she trusts most out of the whole cast. Bravo producer, Andy Cohen also backs up NeNe and says the two ladies are simply best pals. After making the initial half-assed allegation even Porsha has stepped away from her original thinking and has tried to downplay her comments. Let’s be real here, Porsha doesn’t want NeNe to kick her ass from Atlanta to China so she needed to back off!

Do you think that NeNe and Cynthia’s friendship is odd? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Regina Tabb

    most woman in the real world has at least 1 female she is most trusting and tight with than any female friend she has, that’s not being a lesbian, it’s call being a trusted friend, homegirl, bff, get it?

    • Inspiredone


    • SonnySky

      I have 2 lifelong friends and we all are married and live in different parts of the country but we remain close to each other. I think the Bible is true when it says “a friend sticketh closer than a brother/sister.”
      When it spoke of Jonathan and David.

  • Bernadette Ellsworth

    I don’t think its anyone’s business what kind of relationship they have. I just think that it’s sad that when two women appear to be having each other’s back and truly support one another that we have to assume that they share a physical relationship as well. Maybe people who do the speculating simply want what they have. From what I have seen, they will probably embrace the haters and help them to join the circle of live. Continue what you’re doing ladies.

  • Allergic 2 B.S.

    I have never witness any wrong doing between NeNe and Cynthia on RHOA I think that Porsha just tried to find something to talk about because the heat was on her and that sticky situation she’s in…Porsha needs to stop being Kordell trophy piece and be her own person Porsha let your voice be heard and stop whispering

  • Inspiredone

    Not odd, Just good friends sisters!

  • Sara James

    Kordell prefers men.

  • SonnySky

    That rumor is out there about Cynthia but not Nene. There are rumors about Cynthia being a lesbian. Why or how that got started I have no clue –think it went way back to her youth. Either way does not matter.