New Kate Middleton Portrait – Artist Paul Emsley Makes Duchess of Cambrige Pretty This Time

New Kate Middleton Portrait - Artist Paul Emsley Makes Duchess of Cambrige Pretty This Time

Kate Middleton‘s first portrait was hideous, everybody said so except Kate and the artist himself. Paul Emsley was harshly criticized for his work on the first portrait, some say she looked “old and haggard” while others questioned themselves why she had so many on her face – which are very visible underneath the eyes and on the cheeks. It was fair to say that the drawing Paul had done didn’t really look like Middleton herself, and the royal fans were pissed about it, prompting Emsley to do a second one.

According to the Washington Post,, Paul was so annoyed by the criticism he had received, he decided to do a new one – one that would be as accurately drawn as people see her in glamorous magazines where she’s airbrushed to the extent that it’s hard to even recognize her. Sources say that Emsley drew the portrait again so that his critics would be put to silence once and for all, but that didn’t end up happening because after finishing the second version, he has realized that the original picture is very accurate to Kate’s facial features and on top of that, he has said that no one will ever see the newer version.

“To answer the question, he picked up a piece of black chalk a few days ago and began cathartically sketching another work. This time, it was the way the duchess’s devoted followers so often see her in glossy magazines and airbrushed photos. Flawless. Glamorous. The fairy-tale beauty who bagged a prince,” writes the Post. “But a funny thing happened as he did the sketch. The self-doubt of a man who is his own worst critic began to fade, replaced with a growing certainty that the canvas hanging in London’s National Portrait Gallery is not only the better version, but maybe even the masterwork of his career.”

New Kate Middleton Portrait - Artist Paul Emsley Makes Duchess of Cambrige Pretty This Time

Paul, who was born and raised in Glasgow, recently spoke out about the controversy himself, explaining that the reason why he created the original portrait in the way he did was purely to focus on Kate’s NATURAL BEAUTY as opposed to the airbrushed version we are used to seeing in magazines. “I wanted to do something that would convey her true self, her natural self as she, herself, wanted,” the 65-year-old said. ”Something that conveys something of her sense of warmth. When Picasso was told his portrait of Gertrude Stein did not look like her, his response was, ‘It will.’ People will become acclimatized over time to something which is not something that they were expecting.”

Kate is 31-years old and that portrait is not flattering — not one bit! Though she claims to be happy with it, we’re pretty sure she’s embarrassed that someone sees her that way at such a young age. Well, give it another ten years and the portrait will be identical to what Kate will look like, but at thirty-one, it’s pretty far-fetched.

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  • The color palette is not inviting, and the size is all wrong, IMO. I would rather see a less formal portrait, maybe in a natural setting. This one is too much like the “Breck Girl” shampoo ads…