Nina Dobrev Reveals Who Gives Her HOT SEX TIPS – It’s NOT Ian Somerhalder (VIDEO)

Nina Dobrev Reveals Who Gives Her HOT SEX TIPS – It’s NOT Ian Somerhalder (VIDEO)

Nina Dobrev has become a beloved cult figure for fans of The Vampire Diaries, but one thing they love even more then Elena is Elena and Damon together. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s intimate scenes are absolutely electric, and while some of the credit for that obviously goes to the real life relationship between the two, Nina also reveals that’s some of it goes to her mom.

What, you say?! Yes, we know. Nina was on Conan last night to promote the show, and she explained that whenever there are intimate scenes she has to do on set, her mom not only watches but ends up giving her advice on how to be better.

She explains, “The awkwardness or the weirdness is when my mom comes to set, and I have to do a sex scene or something, and that can be kind of weird. But what’s even weirder is when I come off set and she starts giving me notes.”

She also adds that the advice ends up being incredibly awkward, such as, “When I come off set, she starts giving me notes. Like, arch your back more. It’ll look sexier if you arch your back.”

I don’t know about you, but the last thing in the world I’d want is my mom telling me to arch my back more during sex. That sounds like some therapy waiting to happen right there.

Fortunately, Dobrev’s mom seems incredibly cool, and she would have to be, considering that her 24 year old daughter is dating a co-star on her show that’s ten years older than her. Most moms wouldn’t be ok with that, but I guess showbiz moms just think definitely.

And next time we watch an episode of Vampire Diaries where we see Elena getting down to some sexy time, we’ll know who’s responsible for the moves Dobrev makes.

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