Kim Kardashian Shows Off Smiling North West – Look at Her Smile, See New Photos

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Smiling North West - Look at Her Smile, See New Photos

Right after North West was born, it was reported that both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had made up their minds to keep North away from the media and give her some semblance of a normal life. Well, that certainly didn’t last long, did it?

I don’t know if Kanye changed his mind or if he just gave up, but Kim has steadily been posting more and more pictures of North online. In addition to that, there have been plenty of pap strolls with the whole family, probably targeting the allegations that she’s a bad mother. Now, everyone in Hollywood uses the paparazzi so that’s nothing new – but next time Kim or Kanye complain about privacy, you’ll know they’re big stinking hypocrites, if you didn’t already.

Anyway, Kim has uploaded yet another private picture of North, leading to barrage of Twitter comments from fans. Many, many of these fans have come to the conclusion that Kim has gotten North’s eyebrows done, writing comments like, “I swear the instagram pic Kim Kardashian just put up looks like her baby’s eyebrows are filled in and waxed idc” and “Is it me or do North West’s eyebrow look plucked & shaped?” 

Who would actually be surprised if Kim got her daughter’s eyebrows plucked? I feel incredibly sorry for that child, growing up with Kim for a mother. She’s not going to get much of a choice on the way her childhood progresses, and honestly, it seems like Kim’s really taking advantage of the public’s fascination with North and using her for the publicity. Sure, Kim probably loves her – after all, North’s her own daughter. But anybody who professes to want to protect their kid from the media shouldn’t be uploading pictures of them online every chance they get.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet