O.J. Simpson Lied About Guns: Yale Galanter His Lawyer Insists The Juice Is A Rotten Criminal

O.J. Simpson Lied About Guns: Yale Galanter His Lawyer Insists The Juice Is A Rotten Criminal

O.J. Simpson’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me. The bloated jail bird wants a new trial for his 2008 robbery and kidnapping conviction, for which he is currently serving 33 years prison. The Juice was unhappy the way his lawyer, Yale Galanter, represented him and feels he didn’t get a fair trial. Well, O.J, is about to have his confidence shaken.

Yale took the stand on Friday and under oath said O.J. is a liar. Listed among the untruths are that The Juice lied to Yale, saying he didn’t know there were guns in the room when he and his cronies entered a Las Vegas hotel room in an attempt to recover O.J. memorabilia, and that Yale did not inform him of a plea deal. Per TMZ O.J. said Yale knew the robbery was going to take place, and even asked O.J. to bring him back an old suit that was part of the memorabilia in question. TMZ posted audio of the Las Vegas incident. The Juice said Yale only showed him a portion of the audio recording.

O.J. is going to have an uphill battle trying to convince the judge to give him a new trial. Despite being a respected athlete, who after retirement went on to have a successful acting and pitch man career, O.J. has a long history of criminal behavior. In 1994 he murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Other highlights include being sued in 1999 by the state of California for unpaid taxes, speeding through a Manatee Protection Zone on his boat in 2002 and in 2004 Direct TV claimed O.J. used electronic devices to pirate television programming. The Juice also has a history of domestic violence. His second wife Nicole called the police on several occasions claiming she was beaten by O.J.

Perhaps O.J. feels entitled to act like a tool. O.J.’s childhood in San Francisco was awful. Perhaps his arrogant behavior stems from wanting what he could not have as a child. O.J. overcame Rickets as a child and lived in a housing project with his family. As a teen O.J. was in a gang called Persian Warriors. When he became professional athlete O. J. may have felt entitled to what ever he wanted (after all, a lot of rich and famous people feel entitled too). Why else would O. J. be so arrogant. None of this gives him the right to get away with criminal activity.

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