Paul Walker Crash Video Shows Car Impact, Explosion and Fire (VIDEO)

Paul Walker Crash Video Shows Car Impact, Explosion and Fire (VIDEO)

Paul Walker‘s death shocked everybody and his fans, family, friends, and co-stars continue to mourn his unexpected passing. News surrounding the actor’s death has been surfacing at a steady pace since the accident, and now, in a video acquired by TMZ, the surreal crash — including the explosion — has been revealed.

The high speed crash, which killed Walker and his financial adviser, Roger Rodas, resulted in a huge explosion and produced a fireball that could be seen for miles. The below footage was captured by a building’s rooftop security camera and, while there’s no sound, it successfully captures the magnitude of the crash.

The camera is quite far away, so you have to look carefully for the crash, which occurs on the right-hand side of the screen. It shows the initial crash, causing the Porsche to catch flames, and then several moments after you can see the fireball-like release into the air. Not long after the accident, you can see cars of all types rushing to the scene — pulling over to see how they might be of assistance. Because the two were driving at such high speeds, it caused officials to look into the car’s history, which revealed that it may have been part of illegal, high speed street racing activity at one time.

We, along with everyone else, continue to be so saddened by this news. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family, as well as everyone else who formed a special connection with him in the industry. What do you make of the crash footage?


Image credit to FameFlynet