Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Death Crash Car: Porsche Warned It Could Be A Death Trap

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Death Crash Car: Porsche Warned It Could Be A Death Trap

Paul Walker’s sudden passing sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. On Saturday afternoon, the film star died in a fiery car crash in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles. Walker was a passenger in the two-seater Porsche Carrera GT when it lost control, slammed into a tree and burst into flames.

Questions were raised over the Porsche’s safety during the past couple of days. TMZ obtained “a copy of a memo sent from Porsche HQ to multiple dealers in the Midwest back in 2004.” This memo alleges that the vehicle is “hyper sensitive to road conditions” and that “Porsche WARNED its dealers, in writing.” Although the car is extremely powerful, it “cannot drive over a Foster Beer can that is laying on its side.

You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on (dips; pot holes, seam heights, etc.)” says a Porsche executive.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident, but there’s a general consensus that speed was the deciding factor. The car was already pretty sensitive, so the ridiculous speed and the unknown road conditions created a disaster with tragic consequences for Walker and Roger Rodas, the driver of the vehicle.

This car has all the disadvantages of a racecar,” reads the eerie memo. Porsche adds that “experience is not enough” when the road conditions aren’t met.

A fan snapped a picture of Walker before the fatal accident. It is captioned, “The world lost an angel in Paul. He dedicated so much of his life to helping disadvantaged kids and people who are in need. I’m gonna do whatever I can to keep Paul’s goals for the charity alive.

Walker was in Santa Clarita for a car show which was organized by Walker and his charity, Reach Out Worldwide, for relief efforts in the Philippines.

Walker was 40-years-old.

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