Paul Walker’s Hours Co-Star, Genesis Rodriguez, Underage Sex Scandal Surfaces

Paul Walker's Hours Co-Star, Genesis Rodriguez, Underage Sex Scandal Surfaces

Hours was supposed to be a breakthrough film for Paul Walker. A total departure from the work he has done in the past and because of that its December release has not been pushed back due to the actor’s untimely death. It also means that Paul’s smokin hot costar, Genesis Rodriguez will be left to do much of the heavy duty promotion on her own. Of course the media was going to dig into her past and sure enough, there’s something to find.

Genesis got her start on Telemundo nearly a decade ago when she was just a teen. She was working on Prisonera and found herself involved with her costar, Mauricio Islas, a man nearly twice her age. He was also married to Patricia Villisana at the time. Radar has reminded us that Islas and Genesis were caught having oral sex at a network party back in 2004 and charges were filed against him. Eventually, Islas was fired and the case was settled. Genesis received millions and promptly left Miami for a clean start in LA.

While Genesis has started in some big screen flicks this scandal from her past has never hit the mainstream US media until now. Perhaps it’s because she’ll be the last woman onscreen with Paul and there is such a huge interest in anything connected to him right now. It’s also going to be a bittersweet press junket for her to begin in a few weeks. At least as far as her sex scandal goes, Genesis is used to discussing it. Back in 2005 she made major headlines in Mexico and has been fairly open about how taken advantage of she felt by Islas. At least when confronted here in the states it’ll be a familiar topic to contend with. Do you think that Genesis will survive the heavy scrutiny that is about to come her way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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