Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s Competitive Relationship Revealed

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel's Competitive Relationship Revealed

Every movie franchise has its share of secrets and things that are well known onset but somehow don’t leak to the press. Sources close to The Fast & Furious franchise say that while Paul Walker and Vin Diesel appeared to be friends during media junkets, their relationship was super competitive. According to the Dec. 16th print edition of National Enquirer, Paul felt that Vin was always trying to one-up him and he hated how self-centered the actor is. The tension between them came to a boil during filming of the 6th movie when Paul and Vin ignored each other completely. Their only interaction was when the cameras were rolling.

After hearing of Paul’s death last week Vin posted a touching tribute and even payed his respects at the scene of the fatal crash. While the guys may not have been the best of friends, their was clearly some level of respect there after working together after 12 years. Ironically, in one of Paul’s last interviews he was asked about his relationship with Vin and his response seems to have been pretty honest. He said that some days he wanted to crack Vin in the head and that he figured that on other days Vin felt the same way towards him.

Are you surprised to hear that the egos of these two may have clashed badly? I have to say, I’m not really. They were competing to be the top dog in a huge multi-million dollar franchise so of course there was a sense of ego and self-centeredness at times. Film sets are like any other work environment, not everyone gets along great. People clash and I actually can see why Paul and Vin would have. Can you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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