Paulina Rubio Unfit Mother: Personal Life Spilling Over Onto X Factor Set

Paulina Rubio Unfit Mother: Personal Life Spilling Over Onto X Factor Set

Paulina Rubio seems like a real hot mess on The X Factor doesn’t she? For some reason I envision her to be the kind of chick that parties so hard that she doesn’t realize that her clothes are falling off and her shoes are long gone. I remember her as part of that Latin explosion from the late 90’s, back when she was smokin’ hot and very talented. Obviously a whole lot has happened to her between then and now, right?

According to the Nov. 4th print edition of Star Rubio’s ex, Nicholas Vallejo-Najera is taking every opportunity imaginable to slam her. The two share custody of an almost three-year old son and Nicholas claims that Paulina is a negligent mother. Supposedly little Andrea has developmental issues that Paulina refuses to even acknowledge let alone have treated.

Sources close to the X Factor mentor say that her messy personal life is interfering with her career. Paulina is also rumored to have busted up her current boyfriend’s [Gerardo Bazua] marriage so there is drama coming from all sides and the former bombshell is dealing with it by drinking heavily. She has gained weight and is known for throwing fits on set. Clearly this isn’t a cool look and not exactly what Simon Cowell was looking for when he brought Paulina on board for this season. Do you think that she’ll get her personal life under control or will this be her only season as an X Factor mentor due to her special blend of crazy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Aloonso ZN

    I like Paulina, she is very cute and funny!

  • Lucca

    who’s “little andrea?” her son’s name is nicholas. please, get the facts straight.