Phil Robertson Staying On “Duck Dynasty” For New 2014 Season – A&E Puts $$ Before All Other Values

Phil Robertson Staying On "Duck Dynasty" For New 2014 Season - A&E Puts $$ Before All Other Values

The patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family will be back this January for the new season and for a second there we were all worrying ourselves for nothing. Phil Robertson was suspended indefinitely from his family’s show this past Thursday but most of us couldn’t imagine the A&E network ever allowing him back. Especially not after a video was released of Phil speaking further about his ideals. A video captured the grey-bearded reality show icon clutching a Bible in his right hand while roundly condemning homosexuality at a 2010 Pennsylvania church dinner. In the video you can hear Phil say They will dishonor their bodies with one another, degrade each other,” continues Robertson. “Is that going on in the United States of America? Look around. … Boy, is there some immorality going on around here”(NYDailyNews).

When that video popped up, men like Charlie Sheen were even saying Phil needed to apologize. And to be honest before this all blew up into such a media frenzy I didn’t believe he had to be made to address his actions. As I said earlier, as long as this doesn’t affect how he treats people one on one then he’s allowed his beliefs but now when so many are trying to turn him into a martyr then maybe he should say something. Even if its a small “my opinions are my own and now leave me the hell alone” quote.

Because now Ian Bayne, an Illinois congressional candidate, wants to call Phil the new Rosa Parks. That is one giant leap too far. Phil is now unknowingly being used as a prop by anti-gay media, just like he was used a prop for the pro-gay media! Phil never went looking for that status.  Don’t use this man to start a media war. Phil will be back on ‘Duck Dynasty’ in the new 2014 season (Daily Mail) and his fans will continue to watch and support him. Why can’t the story end here without everyone trying add something?

  • Melissa Boyd

    The only reason he will be on next season, so to speak, is because A&e has already taped 9 out of 10 episodes for next season. They are morons for suspending Phil but they are smart enough to use what footage they’ve already got in the can before they shot themselves in the foot with this drastic mistake in marketing and ratings.

    • Victoria McGuire


  • thebutcher

    It’s ok, he’s old so he’ll be dead soon. The last thing our country needs is more close minded bigots and homophobes

  • Rhae

    The thing that gets to me in this type of situation is you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Not speaking of what he said, but I am so sick of this. If you’re pro gay lifestyle you will be paraded around the town. Yet if you aren’t supportive you are called a homophobe, or worse and bashed everywhere. In this country I thought we had the right to free speech. He isn’t saying kill them all and let god sort them out, he is just stating his opinion. Any idiot would know that you ask an old grizzled born again Christian his stance on that, he said what you would expect.

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