Pippa Middleton Starts Own Company, Leaving Kate Middleton And London Behind For Good?

Pippa Middleton Starts Own Company, Leaving Kate Middleton And London Behind For Good? 0531

I feel like I haven’t written about dear old Pippa Middleton in forever. I don’t get withdrawals like I do from a Kate Middleton drought but it hits me deep nevertheless. But we finally have some news! Pippa’s consoling her naked left ring finger by starting a new company. She’s the sole director and shareholder of PXM Enterprises. Snazzy name, right? For some reason I can’t get Prestige Worldwide (from Stepbrothers) out of my head.

So what does Pippa Middleton’s company do? I don’t know. What does she sell? I have no idea. But it’s got a good name and, as the Middletons know, a name is really all you need nowadays. The Royalist hypothesizes that this new venture could have something to do with Party Pieces making its way over to its new NYC headquarters. I have not-so-secret hopes Pippa will be making the journey with it. She needs a new scene. All she does in London is go to weddings. Girlfriend needs to pull a Katie Holmes and get a whole new life in the Big Apple.

Still… PXM Enterprises…. It has a strong ring to it, no? It’s almost as if Pippa’s ready to throw off the royal shackles and actually do something with all her fame and connections. We’ve thought this before to no avail. But brother James has his own company. If he can make cupcakes with Princess Diana’s face plastered on them then why can’t Pippa make it a go? I know all about the double standard but I’m so tired of the Middletons being so boring (Kate very much included)!

Do you think Pippa’s ready to strike it out on her own? Could she finally be ready to make the jump out from Kate’s bean poll shadow or is this business just another way to bide her time until Nico Jackson puts a ring on it?


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