Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shocked By Kanye West’s Announcement (Video)

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shocked By Kanye West's Announcement (Video)

Pregnant Kim Kardashian says that she was shocked when her supposed baby daddy, Kanye West, decided to announce her pregnancy to his audience and the world during his Atlantic City concert Sunday night.  Now if you believe that with Kris Jenner, Kim and several member of Kanye’s family in the audience that this announcement was spontaneous then you haven’t been paying attention.  The Kardashian/Jenner/West (KJW) marketing enterprise does not condone internal surprise.  Surprises are for the public, they for us, not them.

Kim is known to inform the paparazzi of her every move so as to make sure that her visage will be ubiquitous.  Fresh new pics of Kim adorn the internet and social media platforms worldwide almost daily and I’m sure that hers is now one of the most recognized faces on this planet, and maybe others as well, including her home planet.  By the way, where is Kim’s home planet?  She is pretty good at simulating human behavior and emotion but we all know it’s just an act, right? Kris Jenner woke up one morning and somehow there was little Kimster, delivered from the stars to make mommy dearest rich beyond her wildest dreams.

Back to baby news.  So Kim is pregnant, and what does this mean for the rest of the pack?  Well here is a partial rundown: Kanye will be a daddy, Kris a grandma again, Khloe suicidal, Rob still a moron, Bruce still begging for a divorce, Kendall and Kylie modelling and therefore not having to do sex tapes just yet, and Kourtney still supporting schmuckface.

What does it all mean?  It means that the Kardashian Kollection is now preparing to roll out a baby clothing and accessories line for this summer – they better hurry.  But since Kim is 12 weeks gone you can be sure that plans are already in high gear.  Kate Middleton wisely refused to meet Kim when she was in London and also returned the Kardashian Kollection gifts unopened.  Once Kate gives birth do you think the little royal heir will be wearing Kardashian Kid Kollection Klothing?

And how about Blue Ivy Carter?  Will Beyonce allow her precious rug rat to associate with Kim’s? Stay tuned as Celeb Dirty Laundry continues to remove the shiny veneer covering all the Hollywood celeb BS.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet