Prince William and Kate Middleton Insist on Prince George Travelling With Them to Australia

princePrince William and Kate Middleton Insist on Prince George Travelling With Them to Australia

Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning on spending most of the month of April touring Australia and New Zealand for the first time together and now Kensington Palace has confirmed that little Prince George is expected to join his parents on the trip. It will be the first time that the royal heir makes an international trip with his parents and ironically, Prince William’s first trip was also to Australia at 9 months old. I have to wonder if the nostalgia is a complete coincidence, don’t you?

As it stands now, George is expected to make the trip but of course things could change. I’m pretty sure that Kate has no intention of leaving her son for a month while traveling abroad though. It will also be interesting to see how they travel. Until now two heirs to the throne have not ever traveled together, just in case. Perhaps William will be with his family but not necessarily flying with them. So many extra details have to be considered when it comes to William and his son being seen together in public.

Do you think that at 9 months old Prince George is ready to do some serious traveling with mom and dad? There comes a point when he needs to start to be included in the royal travels and some of the pomp and circumstance, is this the right age? My guess is that in order for Kate to feel comfortable fulfilling her royal obligations she would rather have her son with her than at home with even the most skilled nannies, right? Tell us your thoughts about George’s first scheduled trip in the comments below!

  • DuchessLazy

    Of course they want to bring George. They’ve tried to get all the comparisons to Princess Diana they could get. Why stop now ? Now they can use George to win approval and they need it. They’re thought of as lazy and are not all that popular at home in England. Drag the baby along, pretend to be like Princess Diana. They have no glory of their own, they’re lazy and bland.