Prince William’s Barfworthy Pet Names for Kate Middleton Include Babykins and Poppet

Prince William's Barfworthy Pet Names for Kate Middleton Include Babykins and Poppet

Prince William has plenty of nicknames for Kate Middleton, including the widely publicized ‘poppet’ after Prince George‘s birth. But according to transcripts acquired by the Daily Mail, ‘intimate messages’ between the two were revealed in court today as part of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

The first message was recorded while William was at Sandhurst military academy, and it’s an extensive message about training for war and combat, and Will also adds that he was almost ambushed and shot at all day. Of course, for royal couple enthusiasts, the most interesting part of the message is that Will calls Kate ‘baby’ and tells her that he loves her. He clearly missed her while he was at that academy, especially evidenced by him saying, “All right, baby, lots of love, um, speak to you soon. Bye bye.”

In another message he recorded for Kate, the transcript revealed, “My head’s all right. I’ve just picked up your message. Oh, my little babykins! I hope you are all right. I just tried ringing you but I do not thing you would pick it up because it is 5.35am in the morning so it is probably not a very good time to ring you. I hope you are all right.”

Baby and babykins? Well, Will’s certainly not one to hold back on the affection. All the messages are long and somewhat rambling, and actually pretty affectionate. It’s nice to know that Will and Kate won’t be stuck in the kind of lifeless marriage that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were in.

What do you guys think about Will’s nicknames for his then-girlfriend Kate?

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