Barron Hilton’s Attacker, Ray LeMoine, Arrest Imminent


While police have yet to actually catch up with Ray LeMoine, according to TMZ cops have talked to enough of the party-goers at last Friday nights’ Star Island bash to be able to confidently arrest him for the beating of Barron Hilton. Allegedly, Barron was drunk and was asked to leave Ray’s bash. Apparently before going Barron got in Ray’s face and a fight ensued. Who threw the first punch is still open for debate but Ray defintely won by the looks of Barron’s face.

Barron immediately filed a police report alleging that Lindsay Lohan put Ray up to the beatdown. Ray has denied her involvement but if Barron has his way then both of them will be arrested. Police have yet to track down either Lindsay or Ray, despite several attempts. Lindsay immediately checked out of her hotel and her whereabouts are unknown,. Meanwhile Ray is contemplating trying to make it out of the country. According to The Daily News this morning Ray was hoping to find a way to get himself to Cuba before these charges caught up with him.

Do you think Ray will make it out of the US before being arrested? How about Lindsay? Do you think she was directly involved or just jumped on the band wagon when Ray pummeled Barron? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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