Barron Hilton’s Assailant Ray Lemoine Seeks Refuge in Cuba – Runs From Cops and Hilton Family’s Vengence

Barron Hilton's Assailant Ray Lemoine Seeks Refuge in Cuba - Runs From Cops and Hilton Family's Vengence

Ray Lemoine is a fixture on the downtown club scene in NYC. He has been planning on opening up a new bar and also has written for The New York Times and New Yorker Magazine. He runs in a fast circle but until this past Friday night he has managed to keep his nose clean. Ray had rented a house on Miami’s Star Island and threw a big bash with guests that included Lindsay Lohan. Also there was 24-year old Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton’s younger brother.

According to The NY Daily News sources a fight broke out between the two men when Barron was asked to leave. Sources say Barron was drunk and at first appeared as though he would leave peaceful but then doubled-back and pulled the “don’t-you-know-who-I-am” card. There is a bit of uncertainty in who threw the first punch but Barron was clearly the loser with photos of his battered face popping up on line not long after the fight.

Barron implicated Lindsay in the fight as the instigator egging Ray on. In the last 48 hours police have tried in vain to interview both her and Ray. Lindsay fled her Miami hotel and is currently MIA. Meanwhile, Ray is now looking to seek refuge in Cuba, according to The Daily News. The Hilton family has come out swinging saying that Ray and Lindsay will be forced to pay for their actions. I have to wonder what Ray is more afraid of at this point, police involvement or having the Hiltons as enemies.

Is it crazy that he would want to seek refuge in another country? I mean obviously he will have to pay for that beating but in our screwed up legal system it’s probably unlikely that he would serve any jail time for it, right? Tell us your thoughts on this crazy story in the comments below!

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  • Kelly

    So basically Barron Hilton was at a house / party, where he was neither invited nor welcome. When asked to leave, he pulled the ‘dont you know who I am card’ and pushed the house owner. It then got physical, as the house owner (renter) defended himself … Barron Hilton then continued partying (according to NY News) and first 3 hours later took the ‘beaten to a pulp’ Instagram selfie. But it’s all Lindsay Lohan’s fault?!?!?!?!

    - Ian, London, 12/9/13, 11:21 AM