Reese Witherspoon Blames Drunken Disorderly Conduct Arrest On New Baby

Reese Witherspoon Blames Drunken Disorderly Conduct Arrest On New Baby 0429

I love it when old interviews finally reach print after a major scandal happens. Poor Kristen Stewart knows what I’m talking about. The media had a field day picking through her words after the Rupert Sanders disaster and now everyone’s favorite drunk southern gal gets to join in on the fun! In a new interview with Red magazine, Reese Witherspoon blames her lack of intelligence on her new baby, Tennessee Toth. So can we blame him for the drunken disorderly arrest as well?

“Ever since I had the baby, I can’t remember anything. Serious, this child stole my brain,” Reese said“I’m losing friendships over forgetting to get back to people. But you can’t keep up with everything. I’ve got a 13-year-old [Ava Phillippe], a nine-year-old [Deacon Phillippe] and a baby.”

Obviously I’m taking this out of context but it’s just funny timing. But perhaps the title of this post should have read, “Reese Witherspoon Using her Baby To Clean Up Her Image After Drunken Disorderly Arrest”? There’s definitely going to be some of that going on. Many wondered how Reese was going to get back to being Hollywood’s Miss Sunshine and erase that video of her getting handcuffed from our brains. Momm-ing it up seems to be the best bet. Talk about your children until I can’t remember how much you like your scotch and then talk about them some more. And then smile. Reese is all about smiling. She’s chipper as all hell! Take a look at the pics below. Did she always greet the paparazzi at the airport in such a gregarious manner? Jim Toth’s got her working overtime to make up for his stupid ass mistakes. But will it work? Will all this baby talk whitewash the Reese Witherspoon arrest?


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