Rita Ora Cast As Mia, Christian Grey’s Sister, In Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie

Rita Ora Cast As Mia, Christian Grey's Sister, In Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie

Rita Ora is better known for her singing and songwriting career than her acting career, but that might change after this. Deadline reports that Rita has been cast as Mia, Christian Grey’s adopted sister, in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey. In a casting coup, the studio has managed to land some big names in some of the supporting roles, which means they’re confident in the eventual success of the movie.

It’s still way too early to say whether this film will do well, especially since the film’s release date was pushed to February 2015. Who knows if the fan base will have moved on by then? Most of the people who read the books could hardly be construed as fans, and the novels have been mocked more than they have been praised. But that being said, it’s still a major studio production featuring a female lead, which is always a plus.

Rita’s musical career has taken off in the UK, but her career in the US still hasn’t reached the heights that she aimed for. In the States, she’s better known for dating Rob Kardashian, which I doubt is a testament to her skill as an actress. Her reputation here isn’t exactly all that great, since her tryst with Rob gained her a lot of notoriety – especially since he claimed that she would constantly cheat on him. Then again, he’s a Kardashian, so maybe she gets a plus for that?

Either way, it’s still a coup for her to have landed a supporting role in such a major film, whether it’s a success or not. It’ll get her visibility, which may help her land more roles in the future. Does she have any talent? Who knows. But Hollywood has proved over and over again that talent is actually at the bottom of their list when it comes to casting these types of movies.

What do you guys think about Rita Ora landing a supporting role in Fifty Shades of Grey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • SJ

    Wtf?? Mia is caucasian and she is described as tall in the books. Her and Mrs. R and the only 2 described as tall and Rita is only 5’5″! Dakota and Eloise are both taller than her and their respective characters are supposed to be more petite. Rita looks nothing like Mia even with raven hair. This is such a joke! Is this team incompetent or something? What a joke this has become.

  • Amy

    So messed up!!! Whoever is doing all the castings needs to be FIRED.