Robert Pattinson To Replace Charlie Hunnam In Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie?

Robert Pattinson To Replace Charlie Hunnam In Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie?

Now that Charlie Hunnam is officially out of Fifty Shades of Grey, the question has turned to who will take his place as Christian Grey? The majority of the fans are happy with Charlie’s departure, which means that there’s even more pressure on the studio and filmmakers to find the right replacement.

You know what name keeps popping up over and over again? Not necessarily with the studio but with certain fans? Robert Pattinson. Before you laugh, hear me out. Fifty Shades of Grey started as Twilight fan fiction, which means that the author of the books [E.L. James] originally envisioned Christian Grey as Edward Cullen – and who better to play Edward than the actual guy who played Edward?!

It’s not completely outlandish if you think about the fact that Rob’s career has significantly slowed down since Twilight. Sure, he has tons of independent movies coming out and in the mix, but has he landed a franchise since then? His cohort in the film, Kristen Stewart, has the safety of the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise to fall back upon. For Rob, it’s just a series of smallish movies that may or may not do so well at the box office.

I get that he’s trying to establish his actor cred and not worry about box office, but these days, it’s becoming increasingly impossible for actors to survive without franchises. The audience is developing a very short attention span and if they don’t see you for a while, they will forget you.

Obviously, even with all that, there’s a very low probability of Rob agreeing to replace Charlie. I doubt he wants to get into this fan hoopla again, and I’m sure he’s blissfully  happy out of the spotlight.

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