Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” New Music Video Released – See It Here!

Rebecca Black's "Saturday" New Music Video Released - See It Here!

Remember Rebecca Black from a few years ago, the teenager with that annoying song called Friday? Back then we expected her to amount to a teen with an irritating one-hit-wonder, but guess what? Girlfriend is back with a follow up entitled “Saturday.” Don’t get excited, it’s maybe even less thrilling than her first song and it’s unlikely to top the sales of Friday 2.5 years ago.

The video to “Saturday” was just released and it’s kind of age appropriate with Rebecca chilling with her friends, apparently enjoying parts of their Saturday together. One think that I can’t help but notice is how different Rebecca now looks. Doesn’t she kind of resemble Kylie Jenner? I’m not sure how she morphed herself into a girl similar to Kylie but if nothing else catches your eye in this video, that point will.

Were you a fan of Rebecca’s first song? Do you like the catchy, gimmicky hits that get stuck in your head on loop? If so then check out the video below for Saturday and see if your digging this!

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