Scandal and More: Mid-Winter TV Sneak Peeks and Spoilers – What Will Happen on Our Favorite Shows?

Scandal and More: Mid-Winter TV Sneak Peeks and Spoilers - What Will Happen on Our Favorite Shows?
We all want to know what’s going to happen to our favorite shows. Earlier, there was a major crisis when everyone heard Scandal wouldn’t have a full 20+ episode order. Once people calmed down they realized Kerry Washington pregnancy had to become a factor and yes she required maternity leave. It kind of got embarrassing at that point. Arguments were being made about how much time does she really need with a baby. Answer: at least 6 weeks and you’re just going to have to let it go. If that could be a crisis then imagining the rest would make me grey. So let’s put some other fears to rest.

Here’s what’s happening with How I  Met Your Mother: After years of waiting for the mother we finally got to see her but this season so far has been a little bit of a let down. It’s not the original cast’s fault. They’re at their best but we want more Mommy and Me time right now – Dad has his turn. All we know about the mother this far (9 long long years) is that she’s the great love of Ted Mosby’s life. She helped Barney realize he was in love with Robin and her cookies calmed down an anxious Lily.

Luckily we have things to look forward to. Like episode 200. It’s being rumored that it’s a mom-centric episode.The story goes that the episode will cover what the mom has been up to for the last 8 years. Hopefully we’ll get to learn more about her including her name. Yet it should be said that the episode could be a way to green light a new project. I know how much people hate backdoor pilots (Arrow anyone?) but audiences have shown an interest in the idea ‘How I Met Your Father’ already. There were several near misses with Ted and the Mother meeting. Wouldn’t we like to know how much she regretted that loss time as well.

Next up is Revolution. Monroe learned about his long-lost son last season and this season he’s literally willing to do anything to get to him. Well, good news for him. All that assistance he’s been giving Miles finally pays off when he meets his son Connor. The handsome  Mat Vairo is given the honor of being Monroe’s savior. Because it seems the former general continues to help the rebels even after the reunion. Good work, Connor! Maybe if he sticks around Monroe will remember the person he used to be before the blackout.

Speaking of father-son reunions, Ichabod will learn what happened to his son and we’ll get to see the relationship he had with his father. On the last episode many of us got to see how tormented Ichabod was that he wasn’t there when his son was born. Growing up, he had a very loving relationship with his own father that will be played by Victor Garber. He always wanted to have that kind of relationship with own son. We all saw how protective of a father he would have been. Look what he did to the demon and it was 200 years after the fact.

We found out the rest of Crane Jr.’s Story. Furthermore, Abby’s story is far from over. We saw her ancestor and guess what –  that lady didn’t have a problem facing down a demon. There’s definitely more to Abby’s family tree. Her sister is an addition. Both girls blacked out when they spotted the white horned monster, Moloch. Exactly what happened that don’t remember. Would hate it if one of them did something terrible.

All roads eventually lead to a”massive” season finale. If the upcoming episodes are as good as they’re predicting then we’ll have enough to tide us over until May.

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