Selena Gomez Has Sex With Waka Flocka and The ENTIRE Brick Squad – Gucci Mane Furious – Report

Selena Gomez Has Sex With Waka Flocka and The ENTIRE Brick Squad - Gucci Mane Furious - Report

There’s something about this whole Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane business that just feels so dirty. Firstly, the thought that she was hooking up with this ice cream tattoo faced weirdo is just beyond me. It’s really beyond the scope of my imagination and I’m a writer.

Yes, we could see Selena being with someone like Justin Bieber, because he’s a total cake boy. She probably slapped him around and wore the pants despite being all sweet and nice in public. Now, to think that she was breathing the same air as this twatwaffle — let alone hooking up with him is beyond reproach. Selena, if this is what you’re stooping to, then girl you need help.

ANYHOOKER, apparently not only did Selena get it on with Gucci Mane, but she was also said to be getting gangbanged by his entire crew. I just can’t. UGH. MediaTakeOut reports that Waka Flocka and the entire Brick Squad ran a train on Selena.

And it all started with a tweet:

“Soo yeah it is confirmed waka flocka and lil skitz did tag team on Selena Gomez lol”

From MTO:

Last week Gucci Man DROPPED Waka Flocka from his label – when he heard rumors that Waka had SMASHED actress Selena Gomez. And these rumors ain’t coming from just anybody. got its hands on TWEETS sent from BRICK SQUAD rapper/soldier Lil Skitzz. And according to Lil Skitzz not only did Waka SMASH . . . but he says that Brick SQUAD did a little CHOO CHOO with Justin’s ex.

So freaking gross….but we’re guessing that is one way to drop the “good girl” Disney image. What do you think?

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  • mechell

    Omg I cant believe this .

  • mechell

    This isnt true . At least I hope not

  • Allie Shain

    Seriously!? WTF?!

  • TBlock1970

    Too bad – I was a fan until now. For her to go this route just means she is another classless ho..

    • Wanda

      I wouldn’t stop being a fan just yet. I sincerely doubt this is true.

  • Mike11CTSV

    For some reason I SERIOUSLY doubt that. Anybody can make claims on Twitter. Doesn’t make them true. I could Tweet that I banged Prince Wills wife, while he watched and jerked off. It ain’t true, but some idiots would believe it.


    the chicken head popped a molly and now she’s sweatin…lmao,js

  • Sabene Brown


  • Sabene Brown

    I think she can hang out with whoever she wants! tbh!!

  • Cindy Mullenax

    Until I hear it from the Horses MOUTH, I DO NOT BELIEVE IT…She is NOT goingto come LL THIS WAY and RUIN her IMAGE like that with Multiple men, Gangsta Rappers at that…

  • Josh Wilmo

    why can;t ya’ll belive that, she’s been dating a lesbian for years and haven’t had some dick…so she’s letting the frustration out

  • carrie

    it’s bulls**t! MediaTakeOut always fantasizes on every thing! Khloe Kardashian is pregnant since 3 years (if you follow them) ! MTO has some porn pics of Kanye West and Kardashian (no,they have porn pics)
    they’re as credible as the chinese govenment on the dissidents

  • Bag It, Tag It

    Im just ashamed of myself that I just read an article about 3 people with the names “Gucci Mane, Lil Skitz and Waka Flaka”.

  • Dan Samels

    that waka guy has already admitted he never banged selena. fake story

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  • Thitirat

    Absolutely fake story.