Shain Gandee DEAD – BuckWild Star Murder or Accident? Police Report (VIDEO)

Shain Gandee BuckWild Star Missing - Police Report (VIDEO)

Shain Gandee is Dead at only 21 years of age. Those close to MTV’s Buckwild star, Shain Gandee are sick with grief right now. The 21-year old and his 48 year old uncle, David Gandee had both been reported missing after a mysterious off-road trip that the two decided to embark on.  He and two others were found dead in a vehicle in West Virginia just shortly after police issued a press release announcing that he had officially been reported missing.  According to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia the reality star and his uncle, David Gandee were last seen at a Sissonville bar where they told people that they planned on going four-wheeling. They didn’t give anyone at the bar any details on where they were planning to ride and they hadn’t been seen or heard from since then either.

At the time of the police press release the two had been missing for 31 hours and the last known vehicle that they were spotted in was Shain’s 1984 red and white Ford Bronco with over-sized tires.

As family and friend’s grieve, once again makes me think about the fate of anyone ending up on MTV’s latest batch of reality shows. They end up just as famous for the drama surrounding their everyday off camera life than they are for anything that unfolds while the video rolls. Do you think that Shain, an admitted wild child plays just as hard as all of the other MTV reality celebs that we’ve had to report on before him? Is this one of those stories end just as badly as one of the many scenes that unfolded on Buckwild? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Shain Gandee BuckWild Star Missing - Police Report (VIDEO)



  • rawr

    this show is cursed….

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  • kellie

    this makes me sick to hear Shain has passed I had met him just a few weeks earlier and he had called me a gorgeous young lady.. it truly meant a lot to me I can still hear him speaking. many people believe that Shain was nothing more than just a simple back woods boy, but in all reality he was a gentle man just in his very own way Shain “Gandee Candy” you will be missed and forever in my heart

  • I am gonna say this….I aint stupid….something aint right and this needs to be investigated. Come on look at the pics of the truck….closely! Carbon monoxide poisoning really???? The back window is busted out! Look closer and you’ll see the passenger side window is down about 2 in. And last but not least…if it were you stuck in mud or not if you needed to get out and couldn’t, ask yourself what would you do to get out?? Imma bust a window to get out! I ain’t just sitting there! I think its far from carbon monoxide poisoning!