Taylor Swift Hard At Work on New Song to Bash Harry Styles’ Cheating, Disrespectful Ways!

Taylor Swift Hard At Work on New Song to Bash Harry Styles' Cheating, Disrespectful Ways!

After a Taylor Swift and Harry Styles break up, what’s the next logical step? Duh. I can’t believe you even made me ask. Write a song of course, and fill it with juicy lyrics that subtly — or not so subtly — allude to the man who broke your heart. You might as well just put his name somewhere in there, Taylor, because we all know the latest inspiration behind your new song is the bloke from One Direction.

It’s not like Taylor is shy about using her love life, both the good parts and the bad parts, as inspiration for her songs. Hey, it’s given her a music career that filled her pockets with just a few bucks, so might as well milk it, right? Put that broken heart to good use, Taylor. Turn it into a nice, big, fatty paycheck.

Recently, Taylor took to Twitter to say that she’s returned to her lair where all that magic happens and she weaves crushed, bitter feelings into angsty teen anthems. “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” she said, with just a bit of coyness. She wasn’t explicit in her details of why she was there or what she was recording, but I think we all know who that UH OH was directed at. All I can say, Mr. Harry Styles, is you better put on that bullet proof vest because Taylor’s words in this next song are gonna be painful. They’re coming for you. Coming for you fast. You better duck and cover.

It’s hard to say what she might be writing about, but Harry was accused of cheating on Taylor on several accounts, as well as being a bit disrespectful. It’s hard to piece together the truth, so I guess we’ll find out what she has to say in this latest song.

The couple called it quits just a few days ago, and the Country singer has wasted no time at all. Some people are even saying that Harry Styles himself is hopping into the studio to pull out a song from the chaotic hellfires that erupted in the Celeb World after their split. We already know Taylor is definitely writing a song about this, but if Harry is too, who’s song would you be most anxious to hear? The Black Widow‘s or The Brit’s?

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