Jessica Hart Fired From Victoria’s Secret After Taylor Swift Insult

Jessica Hart Fired From Victoria's Secret After Taylor Swift Insult

If anyone doubted the kind of power that Taylor Swift has in Hollywood, or her vindictive nature, the following report should correct your assumptions. According to Page Six, Jessica Hart has been given the boot from Victoria’s Secret after dissing Taylor Swift a couple of weeks ago.

When asked at an afterparty for the annual VS fashion show about Taylor’s chances of joining Victoria’s Secret as a model, Jessica replied, “No… God bless her heart. I think she’s great… But I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit.” Bad move, Jessica. She later gave a statement correcting her initial comments, telling US Weekly, “I adore Taylor Swift and I was so excited to be with her at the Victoria SecretFashion Show… She is a true rock star and she absolutely killed it the other night.” But by that time, it was too late and the damage was done.

See, Jessica Hart is not one of the top tier supermodels at Victoria’s Secret, unlike Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr. She can easily be replaced, and sources say that’s what has happened. According to the report, ‘no one will say so’ but the 27-year-old Jessica will ‘no longer be used as a model for Victoria’s Secret after she dissed Taylor Swift’. Apparently, the top executives at VS are ‘furious‘ and in addition to not inviting Jessica to walk next year’s show, they will also keep her off the ‘brand’s upcoming catalogs’. 

I mean, this makes complete sense. You don’t diss Taylor Swift and get away with it, especially when you have zero power in the industry. Who actually knew who Jessica Hart was before this whole incident? Anyone?

Exactly. Poor Jessica Hart will slowly fade into oblivion. Just goes to show, if you’re in the public eye, think before you speak.  Mind you, Kanye’s doing all right!