Taylor Swift Betrays Selena Gomez – Wants to Be Lorde’s New BFF! (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift Betrays Selena Gomez - Wants to Be Lorde's New BFF!

Well, there goes that friendship. Taylor Swift was spotted hanging out and having a laugh with Lorde, who should be public enemy number #1. You know who your true friends are when they stick with you through your highs and your lows. Take this as a lesson, Ms. Selena Gomez! Because it sure wasn’t long after you became a laughing stock for your pathetic Jingle Ball lip-syncing and ‘What the F**k’ that your supposed BFF turned on you. Coincidence? I think not!

Selena Gomez has a right to be feeling betrayed right around now. Everyone knows she has a problem with Lorde and why. It’s not as if  their disagreement is a great big secret. Some back-story: Lorde had attacked Selena (unprovoked) by calling her an anti-feminist and possibly f***ing mental (wasn’t sure if that was meant for only Selena or all Disney child stars) but Selena didn’t take it lying down. She defended herself and basically called out Lorde for being immature and said that attacking women isn’t ‘feminism.’ The fact both ladies waded in with their opinions – each against the other made what could have been an argument into a full blown feud.

Taylor Swift Betrays Selena Gomez - Wants to Be Lorde's New BFF!

Fast-forward to the present and we have Lorde, who just loves to hate on anyone and everyone, hanging out with Selena’s supposed best friend. To be fair this is surprising. If I recall correctly, and I know I do, Selena stuck by Taylor through all of Taylor’s craziness and harsh judgments. Selena stayed even though Taylor has yet to let go of Harry Styles. We are still cracking jokes on Taylor for that and Selena remained right there by her side. Then when Taylor was caught rolling her eyes at a possible Justin Bieber reunion; Selena stayed! She didn’t think to herself “oh my friend wants me to be alone like she is“. Everybody else went there, but not her. So it looks like there was at least one true friend in that relationship.

Dear Taylor, Lorde is happy to have you! Perhaps you might consider Selena?

Taylor Swift Betrays Selena Gomez - Wants to Be Lorde's New BFF!

  • swiftme

    this is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read.

  • Ashley

    Had to laugh at the examples you gave of Selena being a good friend to Taylor, you sound like a bitter 12 year old girl.