Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer Sneak Peek & Spoiler: Romance, Betrayal, and a Whole Lot of Alphas! (VIDEO)

Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer: Romance, Betrayal, and a Whole Lot of Alphas! (VIDEO)

Teen Wolf will be returning on MTV for its third season, and we’re super excited about it! The show recently released a new trailer, which is jam packed with lots of glorious nuggets that has our supernatural loving brains eager to jump into this season. If you all kept with it last season, you know that this season will mark the arrival of a deadly pack of Alphas — ones that are out for blood and power. They’re not going to stop until they get what they want.

Derek has many moments in the trailer, most of which feature him at a loss with what to do. The newly arrived Alpha pack is strong. Derek and Scott, along with their dedicated companions, are in for a tough time this season. Wonder where everyone will end up by season’s end — and who’ll take their last, final breath.

The new Alpha pack wants Derek to join their ranks — who knows what for. But they’re seeking power. In Stiles and Lydia news, there’s bound to be romantic tension between the two. But could this be it? Will Stiles finally get his girl? And will Lydia finally realize that Stiles is her one true love? Who knows. Of course, we hope so, but with the arrival of a couple buff werewolf twins Lydia might have her eyes on a new prize. In other Lydia news: I’m expecting her to come into some type of supernatural ability. Not sure what. Maybe she won’t. Here’s to always hoping . . . .

I think she will somehow develop some sort of psychic power (as she makes a comment in the trailer: “I have no clue how I found that body.”

Meanwhile, Scott and Allison are definitely going to have some romantic struggles as well this season. Scott definitely seems to be struggling with his inner wolf and he’ll undoubtedly try to take the righteous path and stay away from Allison in attempts not to harm her.

Are you looking forward to the new season of Teen Wolf? Let us know what you’re expecting this season. We’d love to chat with you! Expect full recaps this summer. We. Love. This. Show. Watch the trailer below.

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