Teresa Giudice Wins Most Popular of The Real Housewives Poll – People Love Her!

Teresa Giudice Wins Most Popular of The Real Housewives Poll - People Love Her!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is a fan favorite. Her over the top spending and table flipping in season one made her a reality television icon. She is still standing and more popular than ever following three seasons of being labeled the bad guy and being involved in a very sensational scandal.

All Things Real Housewives recently did a poll asking readers to vote for their favorite housewife. Teresa won by a landslide! She received 48% of the votes. A very distant second place goes to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump. Teresa’s nemesis Caroline Manzo only received 439 votes, which is only 3% of the votes. Teresa was the only member of the New Jersey cast and only the second housewife to appear on Celebrity Apprentice.

One of the endearing things about Teresa is that she loves, loves, loves everywhere she goes. Despite being estranged from her brother Joe Gorga and some of her extended family Teresa worked tirelessly to put the family back together. Two of her most iconic moments came from being nice to Danielle Staub. In the season one finale, Teresa extended an invitation to Danielle and her daughters. She was going to dinner at a restaurant with the rest of the cast. When Danielle got irritated with her Teresa said “You’ve been engaged 19 times? Prostitution whore!” Tre then flipped the dinner table at Danielle! It was so funny that Bravo had her flip a table in their summer promo. Kathy Griffin also referenced the incident in her comedy special on Bravo. In season two Teresa decided she wanted to say hi to Danielle. She had no intention of starting trouble. Danielle was not responsive to Tre when called honey. Teresa’s response was “Is bitch better?” and proceeded to chase Danielle through the country club.

Teresa is an over the top character. Everything she does is grand. Teresa looks impeccable all the time. When Tre and husband Juicy Joe built their dream home it was spectacularly decorated. The housewarming party was like a nightclub with music and tons of food. We saw Teresa try on very expensive jewelry in Atlantic City and search Italy for Chanel. The christening party for her daughter, Audriana, was an elaborate affair. At the party she referred to Christopher Manzo at The Brownstown as her bitch for the day. Teresa told her husband Joe she deserved a diamond ring as a push present and to mark their 10 year wedding anniversary. She sometimes slays the English language but its part of her charm.

This summer Teresa and Joe were indicted on 41 counts of fraud. The scandal did not affect her popularity. Teresa and her daughters were invited to New York Fashion Week. Teresa was asked to help raise money for several charities. Her products continue to sell. Her partner in her Milania Hair Care products said he would support her and not fire her.

Whether you love her or hate her you have to admit Teresa is fun to watch. I admire her always being able to smile through pain. Teresa decided not to hide in her house following her indictment. She wanted to set a good example for her daughters and be strong for her family. Teresa is currently filming season 6 of her show. I can’t wait to see what she is up to next!

  • Hollowground85

    Outside of New York, Tami, Drita & Momma Dee from VH1, Teresa is my fav reality tv queen glad she won this poll as it is about the RHs! Now her haters got something to be mad about. ?

    • Guest

      How pathetic that such a low life is who some admire! What is so admirable about her? I bet if she stole money out of your wallet you’d be screaming. “Hater”? (who says at anymore?) No, just higher standards!

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  • Susabella

    I don’t believe this article for a moment. Who respects a woman and her husband who lied, cheated the Goverment to live their lavish lifestyle?
    No one does, it’s an insult to every honest hard working American !

  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    Teresa and her husband Joe are nothing more than common criminals, it’s baffling to me that Bravo still promotes them, I wonder what’s going to happen once they are convicted felons. It should have been obvious from the beginning that Joe has no respect for the law. Everyone likes nice things but most people earn them. These two grifters repeatedly committed fraud in order to fund an excessive entitled lifestyle that they wanted but didn’t deserve. I’m sure that they love their kids but I’m also sure that they love money, power and fame a whole lot more. They belong in jail and their kids need stability.

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  • Belliza

    That site is known for being VERY pro-Teresa and actively seeks out negative (fake) stories about Melissa and the other three ladies. I never read it and had no idea the pole was going on, if I had I would have stopped by and voted for Lisa Vanderpump!
    Can’t stand the delusional, negtive and stupid Fraudice.