The Voice Season 5 Finale Sneak Peek Preview: Who Will Be Crowned Champion? (POLL)

The Voice Season 5 Finale Sneak Peek Preview: Who Will Be Crowned Champion? (POLL)

The Voice has been jam packed with amazing vocals this season and it’s about time for things to conclude and a winner to be crowned. The Voice season 5 finale will air Tuesday, Dec. 17 and invite some of today’s biggest artists to perform before the epic news is announced. Before the champion is named, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Ne-Yo, and One Republic are scheduled to performed. If you missed the last episode, CLICK HERE for our recap.

Here’s the official word: Lady Gaga will perform her current single “Do What U Want,” from her latest release, “ARTPOP.” R. Kelly is originally featured on the song, and he and Lady Gaga shared the stage when she appeared on the Nov. 16 telecast of “Saturday Night Live.” Dion will duet with NE-YO on the song “Incredible” from her new album, “Loved Me Back to Life.” OneRepublic will perform the song “I Lived” from its recent album, “Native.” Other high-profile performers are set to be announced over the next few days. 

What a nice list of guest performers so far! I remember when the show first came out the guest performers were a bit low on the fame/popularity scale, but now, given the show’s immense success and acclaim, the best of the best are stopping by for a tune.

While the performances will be good, let’s not forget the real reason why we’re tuning in for the live 2-hour show: it’s to see who out of the top three will be crowned the winner. Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, and Jacquie Lee are all hoping their dreams will come true. Unfortunately, only one will be lucky enough to walk away with the grand prize. Who will it be? Check out their recent performances and let us know who you think should win by casting your vote in the poll machine.




  • HollywoodHiccups

    I think it will be Tessanne she is amazing.

  • tony tan

    It really bothers me if Tessanne wins. I have been very vocal about her being in this competition. If the Voice had a show in Jamaica Tessanne would not be able to compete. I was one who had voted for her but after reading about her musical history and then reading her Wikipedia page I began to realize she is a professional. She was a backup artist like Jermaine Paul but in 2007 she released three successful singles and has a history of opening for artist like Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle. I dare anyone of my critics to read the wiki page and judge for yourself. So because she is successful in another country she is allowed to compete. So if Jamaica had a competition would they allow Philip Phillips or Carly Rae Jepson to compete. Is it fair for young performers like Will and Jacquie to compete against? I don’t think so America! Lets get it right.

    • wat

      Here goes this fool again… You’re WAY over-exaggerating her musical “success” AND you’re stating very untrue, very uneducated “facts.”

      1. She is a “professional,” yes, but you’re misusing the word to mean she’s super famous (a professional is someone who is very good at what they do, so yes, she’s a professional). She is NOT famous. She was BARELY famous in Jamaica. She was only about a C or D-list celebrity, known as the younger sister of the more famous “Tami Chynn.” Have you heard of her prior to the show? Or even her sister? Exactly, no. Yet she’s soooo famous, right? What good is “fame” in Jamaica, a country that is SMALLER than most of the states in the USA? That’s like complaining about an act who a C-list celebrity ONLY in Georgia or something.

      2. Singing backup for and opening for other artists means NOTHING. Plenty of no names are booked to do so, JUST to fill the time slot. Do you have absolutely no knowledge of the path musicians have to take? It’s OPENING. No one ever cares about or remembers the opener because they’re there for the main act. The main act almost NEVER chooses the opener, hears the opener’s performance, or even knows anything ABOUT the opener. And the people she’s sang back up for are BARELY famous. Jimmy Cliff? Someone who, outside of Jamaica, only about 10% of people in the WORLD have even heard his name, much less know his music? You consider that something major? You MUST be joking.

      3. She has NOT released three “successful” singles. Stop spreading that lie. The only even remotely successful single was “Hideaway,” and barely. The most success it’s gotten is a place on one of the “Reggae Gold” annual CD’s, something on Jamaicans know about. Also, again, because I feel the need to stress this, *what good is “fame” in a country that is SMALLER than most of the states in the USA?* Use logic, Tony.

      4. As many people have told you and stressed to you (yet you refuse to respond to them because you know they’re right) pretty much ALL the other contestants have a pretty extensive musical background. Will’s father is a former member of the band Chicago and he has an album out, Caroline had an EP out before she went on the show, E.G. Daily has extensive fame as both an actor and voice actor (her most famous role is probably Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls) and has several albums out herself, and Donna Allen has been singing backup and opening for famous acts longer than Tessanne has even been alive AND has way more albums and singles out. Should they have been barred too? No, because The Voice is not a show that takes an anonymous amateur from their home and throws them on a big stage. The Voice is a show for experienced yet unknown artists who are looking for the exposure and connections they couldn’t gain otherwise. Again, pretty much all the contestants have an extensive background in music. Yet you reserve all the hate for Tessanne. Pathetic.

      Use your brain. If you’re going to spread your Tessanne hate, at least use LOGIC and FACTS. I’m glad I was able to show up to defend the lies you’re telling, just in case someone reads what you say and decides to automatically believe you without looking into any of it. I completely destroyed every “point” you tried to make.

    • Duran Williams

      In regards to you questions about totally legal. You noticed you said if the voice was in Jamaica and it’s not. The voice if it was in Jamaica would have been a local competition. The voice America is a way for artist who are local to get on the international stage and thats what this competition is about. Last season there was an American artist on the show who backup sang for Michael Jackson who is of again descent and she is well known and there is no ruling against that so why would it bother about Tessanne who is not known in America or internationally. This is just away for her to make the needed change in her career because she need the help. When it comes on the music talent jamaica has a lot to offer but it’s a waste land because there are no ways to get the really talented artist on the international scene. So Tessanne Chin made the right move her. Think about it. Jamaica is a small island so she is known here but that doesn’t make her in eligible to compete internationally

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