Michael Muhney Fired From The Young And The Restless – Celebrities Respond to Adam Newman’s Departure

Michael Muhney Fired From The Young And The Restless - Celebrities Respond to Adam Newman's Departure

The Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney has been fired from the show after a four year stint. Muhney played villain Adam Newman on the daytime soap since 2009, but he revealed on his Twitter account earlier yesterday that he’d been fired.

He wrote, “I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday. I’m going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being.”

He also added that his last appearance on the show will be on the January 30th episode, although he failed to give any more details on the reasons behind his firing. Daytime soap operas are some of the most susceptible to drastic cast changes, and this wouldn’t be the first time an actor got fired with such short notice. The fate of Michael’s character is also not clear, and the show could either opt to write him out [via killing his character] or just re-cast the role. If they re-cast, then it’ll be clear that there was some sort of dispute with the network and actor himself, but if they kill him off, then it might have just been a mutual decision on the character’s future. I have a feeling that whatever it is, it’s once again to incur the fans’ wrath.

Several celebrities, including fans and co-stars, have already taken to Twitter to comment on Muhney’s departure from the show. Colleen Zenk wrote, “@michaelmuhney Michael, you are the reason I started watching the show this year. Never watched in all my #ATWT years… You are brilliant.” Michael’s co-star and on-screen brother, Joshua Morrow, wrote, “We’ve lost some big time talent on our show in Michelle, Billy, Jeannie & Muhney lately-but I promise u all we R committed 2 U fans. #Truth.Sean Kanan also added, “@michaelmuhney Michael, I just want to wish u all the best in whatever awaits u over the horizon. Hope u & your family have a great holiday.” 

What do you guys think about Michael getting fired from the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  • Dolphincat08

    I am so disappointed with the firing/leaving of Michael and Billy. So disappointed that I will not be watching, along with hundreds of my friends here in Tallahassee, Florida, after January 1, 2014. Sayonara Y&R.

  • Lori

    When Michael joined the show I was hesitant, but he is an excellent actor. Y &R is making a HUGE mistake. I am considering not watching anymore.

  • Zorine

    I am devastated at the loss of “Billy and Michael” Both are strong characters in the story because they are superb actors and make the story strong as well Losing them will leave a great emptiness in the cast Wrong move on Jill! Rethink this decision? U may be next on the chopping block?????

  • Jocee

    He was out shing the rest of the crew…so he has to go! Old boys club!


  • Jocee

    Done with the show too!

  • karolmahle

    Too much damage to him to return, love to see him on GH like others have suggested, his fans will follow. That other show he was fired from will soon be gone anyway, thanks to that Jill Phelps or whatever her name is, bigger and better things are out ther for his talent.

  • Robbin Covill

    Well I’m done with the Y&R with MS, BM and now MM gone there’s no real reason to watch anymore. They are three of the best. The one who really needs to go is JILL! Ever since she came on the whole show is just plain stupid and boring. And anyone who would kill off a little girl is SICK beyond words, what next? Kill off the baby? And that little girl who said MM touched her is lying plain and simple. Wonder what they gave her to make up such a sick lie? Hope it comes back and bites her in the ass. Rest in peace Jeannie, glad you’re not here to see this. All the best to MS, BM and MM, bigger and better is coming for you all. Hold your heads up and don’t look back. Love you all.

  • nancy g

    too bad, he was the best actor ever. Thought he would take over victor’s spot.

  • Karen Harris

    I have just about stopped tuning in. I start to watch, realize how bored I am and turn it off. Adam was the last character I really liked and believed was authentic. I once liked Eric Braeden, but his character is so consistently one sided that he too is now boring. I have watched the show since it came on the air and HATE seeing it reduced…to lowest terms.

    • MH Fan

      I started watching because of MM’s character. Without him and BM, it will be a boring show. The show will not be the same. I will probably check it out but will gradually stop watching! Thanks for a great show MM and BM!

  • HH

    I’m 45 & have been watching since I was 5 coming hm from my grandmas house after school. 1st Phyllis, now Adam & Billy.This is ridiculous. Without these characters it’ll be just like my geriatric patients say “The Young & The Useless”. I don’t want to watch it without these actors we’ve grown to like so much. & why you’re at it, why not give Sharon a better part for goodness sakes. Ridiculous. So long Y&R.

  • ubertroy

    I won’t be watching Y&R anymore. They get rid of Adam (Michael Muhney) and keep boring characters. Now fans have to listen to Fen’s constant whining and Tyler’s begging. Adam was THE most interesting character on the show. He gave the previously boring Chelsea meaning…. I’m done with Y&R.

  • Jennifer Smith

    No one played Adam Newman the way Micheal did and no one else will. Huge mistake letting him go! Also there is only one Billy Abbott and that’s Billy Miller period! I see cancellation in Y&R near future!

  • Ruth

    Did the people responsbile for Michael Muhney’s firing ever consider the effect this would have on this much loved soap if he were no longer on it? A lot more thought should have been placed into this very poor decision. I hate to say it, but EVERYONE’S job will be in jeopardy, once the show’s ratings fall and sadly and realistically, they will. Michael’s fan base is tremendous and much more attention should have been paid to all those that wrote in and voiced their opinions. It’s suicidal for the show to have let this very talented and much loved actor go. It was very obvious he put his heart and soul into the “Adam” character he played for 4 years. Billy Miller should have been given the “outs” he asked for, and the fact that Michelle Stafford left, speaks volumes about the people running this soap. I’ve been watching Y&R since 1990 and am so very disappointed in the handling of these matters. Wishful thinking, I know, but I hope one day Michael will return to Y&R as well as Billy!

  • smiller

    I have watched y r from the beginning. Get ride of Jill Farrin Phelps. Bring back Micheal Muhney. He was the best actor on the show. Bring him back. You should care about what the fans want; if it wasnt for us their would be no show.

  • maryann h

    What happened to Cole Howard Victors other son?

  • Faith

    I am no longer watching y&r. Top many top.rated actors.have left the.shpw. I am watching where MM &BM go and wil happily emjoy watching them again.

  • Dede Hirsch

    I started watching the Y&R because of Michael (adam) he is super great.

  • Dede Hirsch

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED MICHAEL and started watching the show because he was on it.

  • Crystal