Tiger Woods Breaks Up With Lindsey Vonn After Cheating Scandal Erupts?

Tiger Woods Breaks Up With Lindsey Vonn After Cheating Scandal Erupts

I can’t be the only one who wondered how Tiger Woods would react if a woman turned the tables on him and was caught cheating on the pro golfer. It looks like just 6 short months after taking his relationship with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn she has already given him a low grade taste of public embarrassment and Tiger isn’t appreciating it one bit.

According to the Sept. 23rd print edition of National Enquirer Lindsey was spotted backstage after a Justin Timberlake concert on Aug. 16th in Miami. She and a pile of girlfriends headed behind the scenes, drinks in hand and Lindsey’s target was a 40-something member of Justin’s entourage. Lindsey ran up to the man and immediately launched into a heavy duty make out session as everyone looked on. The two obviously knew each other extremely well and of course, word traveled pretty fast.

Tiger is well known for his deep closet filled with mistresses while married to ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, but he has no intention of staying with any woman that will play him for a fool. Those close to the golfer expected him to go ballistic upon learning of Lindsey’s dalliance and well, if you and I know then you better believe Tiger does too. This is where the double standard is, he expected forgiveness and a second chance after getting caught with his pants down but Lindsey won’t likely be cut the same kind of slack. Do you think Tiger pulled the plug on his short romance with Lindsey? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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