Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Marriage Crushed By Financial Problems and Jealousy – Tim Turned Down The Voice Judging Job

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Marriage Crushed By Financial Problems and Jealousy - Tim Turned Down The Voice Judging Job

We have been telling you that the status of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s marriage is shaky at best for months now and sadly the rumors dogging them continue. The couple is currently starring in weekend concerts at The Venetian in Las Vegas and while they wrap up each show side by side in a romantic duet, the fighting offstage is epic. According to the Dec. 30th print edition of Star Magazine Faith is often heard screaming at Tim from behind closed doors and the topic of money really has her seething.

Apparently Tim was actually offered the judging gig over on The Voice that Blake Shelton ultimately took and Faith has never forgiven Tim for turning it down. Obviously Blake and his wife, Miranda Lambert are now sitting pretty thanks to his hefty paycheck and they’ve also replaced Tim and Faith as America’s favorite country couple. Faith believes that if Tim had been smart enough to take the job then they would be raking in the moment needed to maintain their lifestyle and they’d also be as beloved as they once were in the court of public opinion.

Instead, Tim and Faith are scrambling to make enough money and jealousy seems to be eating away at their marriage. Faith still doesn’t trust her husband to keep his hands to himself and has accused him of cheating with everyone from the 24-year old masseuse that he tours with- to Taylor Swift, who he has a lot of chemistry with. Apparently Faith and Tim think that they need to stick together and play nice in public to save their brand. Do you think they would really be less valuable if they were to split? It sounds like their days are numbered doesn’t it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Sara

    Haha Faith is the one who keeps turning down the judging offers. Tim hates being away from home for long periods of time so he would never take that kind of job hell he flies home after almost every show he does in the summer. This is such a joke. And money problems, he makes the 4th most in the industry and they are the 24th richest celebrity couple. They made more last year than Miranda and Blake are worth at the moment. They are doing just fine trust me.