Who Will Be Voted Off The X Factor December 5, 2013 -Tonight (POLL)

Who Will Be Voted Off The X Factor December 5, 2013 -Tonight (POLL)

Have you been keeping up with The X FactorWe have! If you missed last night’s episode, be sure to check out our live recap CLICK HERE of the show before you cast your votes below. On last night’s show, the Top 6 Finalists sang two songs for America’s votes — one from their favorite diva artist and another song of their choice; however, the second chosen song had to be a “stripped-down” version.

The Top 6 finalists are: Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Carlito Olivera, Rion Paige, Ellona Santiago, and Jeff Gutt.  On tonight’s X Factor results show, two of The X Factor’s most successful graduates are slated to perform live. The X Factor USA will be hosting Little Mix, the winners of X Factor UK’s 2011 season, and last year’s breakout boy band, Emblem3. You want want to miss this talent!

Who are you rooting for this season? Out of the Top 6, who do you think deserves to go on? Think long and hard about this and, in the poll below, make sure to vote for who you think will BE GOING HOME, not who you want to say. Also, before casting your vote into the magical poll machine, be sure to check out the Top 6′s performances. Some of them were good and, as always, some of them were not so good. Feel free to leave your thoughts regarding the performances in the comments section below — and cross your fingers that your fave will be left standing at the end of the night!

Restless Road: Performance 1Performance 2

Alex & Sierra: Performance 1Performance 2 (I think they’re so good!)

Carlito Olivera: Performance 1Performance 2

Rion Paige: Performance 1Performance 2

Ellona Santiago: Performance 1Performance 2

Jeff Gutt: Performance 1Performance 2


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