Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Divorce Proceeds: Lead Separate Lives and Sell Off Property

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Divorce Proceeds: Lead Separate Lives and Sell Off Property

We have been hearing rumblings for years now that the marriage between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is rocky at best and the proof seems to be in their children. Both Jaden and Willow Smith have popped up online posting things that seem to indicate that fame, money and every luxury imaginable doesn’t equal a happy childhood.

According to the Sept. 30th print edition of National Enquirer the couple realized back in 2011 that their marriage may not last a lifetime and so as they began to spend more time apart they also started selling off their real estate. Unhappy couples don’t need several properties to have to divide up later, especially when cold, hard cash is so much easier.

Will has been plagued by gay rumors and Jada has been linked to other men in recent years. Then there was the whole rumor of them having an open marriage that Jada half shot down while at the same time seeming to indicate that Will hooks up with others. It seems to be a bit of a mess and that they are now just two parents who have learned to navigate around each other for a greater good of keeping the family together on paper. How much longer do you think that the marriage will last? We seem to be going through a phase of long time celeb couples splitting up. Do you think Will and Jada will be added to the list? If at this point they are simply staying together for the sake of the kids it really doesn’t seem to be helping them much. They’d probably all be happier apart, don;t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Instagram and FameFlynet

  • drdebo cherry

    I like them both, but they are lying hypocrites nevertheless.