19 Kids and Counting RECAP 5/6/14: Season 8 Episode 6 “Going the Distance for Love”

19 Kids and Counting RECAP 5/6/14: Season 8 Episode 6 “Going the Distance for Love”

Tonight on TLC 19 Kids and Counting returns with another new episode. On tonight’s episode “Going the Distance for Love” Michelle bonds with Jessa and checks in on her courtship with Ben. Meanwhile, Jill and Jim Bob travel to Nepal to see Derick, who has an important question for the Duggar patriarch.

On the last episode Josh’s family arrived in Washington, D.C. to visit and also to celebrate Mackynzie, Jordyn and Josie’s birthdays, which involved candy making. While there, the older girls made an attempt to drive around the city and the entire family went to an ice rink.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jill and Jim Bob travel halfway around the world to see if Derick could be “the one.” Back at home, Michelle spends some time with Jessa and checks in on her courtship with Ben. When Derick asks Jim Bob a very important question, what will his answer be?

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Duggar Family drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about The Duggar Family being back for another season.

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On tonight’s episode of 19 Kids And Counting, Jill and Jim Bob pack their bags and head to Nepal to meet her penpal Derick. They have never met in person before, but they have been video-chatting for weeks now online.

Derick is from a town close to the Duggars but he has been spending the last few years in Nepal. A year and a half ago Derick reached out to Jim Bob and they became “prayer partners.” About three months ago Jim Bob told Derick that he should contact Jill because he thought they would hit it off…and they did. Now, she is packing her suitcase so that she and her Dad can go to Nepal and she can meet Derick for the first time in person. Jim Bob is excited for Jill, but he is nervous too because she doesn’t want Jill to get hurt, and she really doesn’t know Derick yet. Jill and Jim Bob say their good-byes and head to the airport for their big adventure.

After over 12 hours of flying Jim Bob and Jill finally arrive in Nepal. Jill and her Dad leave the airport and Derick meets them outside. He hugs both of them hello and gives Jill a bouquet of flowers. He gives them a ride to the hotel they will be staying in, and Jim Bob is astonished at the traffic in Nepal, it is every man for themselves- they have no stop-signs or traffic lights.

Meanwhile back at home Michelle is cooking breakfast for all of the kids. Josie is having a rough morning and throwing a temper tantrum. Michelle gives her a lesson on sharing and taking turns and smooths everything over.

Once Jim Bob and Jill have rested, Derick takes them sight-seeing in Nepal. Jim Bob feels like a third wheel, he is trying to give them space but at the same time trying to keep an eye on Jill. Derick is excited to finally get to know Jill, in person and not over video chats.

Derick takes Jim Bob and Jill to a local clothing store to get fitted for Nepalese clothes. Jim Bob and Derick spent some quality time together trying on men’s clothes, and Jim Bob tried to feel him out because he knows that Jill is going to want to know what his opinion of Derick is.

Next the three of them head out to lunch. So far, Jill thinks that derick is everything she has expected him to be. Derick confesses that Jill is much sweeter in person than she was online. Jim Bob stresses to them that need to spend a lot more time getting to know each other before they decide if they are going to start courting.

Michelle and Jessa head out for some coffee together, and Michelle is excited to spend some quality time together. Jessa confesses to her Mom that she is really missing Ben, the boy she is courting, she hasn’t seen him in an entire 5 days. Michelle gives Jessa some pointers on how to be sweeter to Ben, and not so “cut and dry.” Michelle explains that she will learn how to express her love as time goes on.

Derick takes Jim Bob and Jill to a local art shop and introduces Jill to the woman that paints the pictures. They leave Jill in the shop and Derick takes Jim Bob aside and asks Jim Bob if he has his permission to start a courtship with Jill. Jim Bob tells him that if Jill is fine with it, then he and Michelle will be fine with it.