Below Deck Recap 8/19/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Hex on the Beach”

Below Deck Recap 8/19/14: Season 2 Episode 2 “Hex on the Beach”

Below Deck returns to Bravo tonight with a new episode of its second season. On tonight’s episode called, “Hex on the Beach” Kate grows increasingly unhappy with Kat’s bad attitude and constant complaining, but is Kat acting out because she fears Kate and Ben are getting just a little too close?

On the last episode, tempers flared on deck as the crew hustled to prepare the boat for their first group of charter guests, a larger-than-life group of fun-loving southerners. A rowdy, randy charter guest wanted to get very friendly with new deckhand, Andrew. Meanwhile, sparks flew as new crewmembers Kelley and Jennice got extra flirty in their co-ed bunk, and a rookie mistake lead the crew to believe that one of their own may have been a liability. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Kate grows increasingly unhappy with Kat’s bad attitude and constant complaining, but is Kat acting out because she fears Kate and Ben are getting just a little too close? Andrew hopes to make amends for his mistakes by giving the female guests a special performance on the skydeck. As the crew enjoys a boozy night out at a beach bar, they probe for details about Kat and Amy’s tense history until a frightening accident brings the night to a sudden halt.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Below Deck drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Below Deck.

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Tonight’s episode opens up with Eddie literally cleaning up after his mistake. He had foolishly opened his porthole of a window on the boat and then forgot to close it while said boat was in motion traveling. So he had to deal with a slight flooding issue his mistake caused.

And while one guy is being turned into a maid – another is being used as eye candy. The boat had welcomed a group of women onboard and the women wanted to know why they hadn’t seen any cabin boys. They liked Kat but she just wasn’t doing it for them so Andrew had to be called in. Andrew tends to love the attention so regardless of the way he was technically being treated as a piece of meat – he enjoyed every second of entertaining the women.

Although Andrew’s situation wasn’t all that unusual. Being on a boat and getting surrounded by women has been known to start things. At least according to Eddie. He claims to barely get a wink of sleep what with practically being hounded day and night by the women on the ship. And yet, even if what Eddie said was a complete exaggeration, the fact that these guys do live with a group of women happens to cause a lot of problems for someone like Kelley. He has a girlfriend on the mainland and she doesn’t really like his living situation.

No woman would feel comfortable with that and though Kelley may have possibly reassured her when it was face to face – one of the first things he said when they sent sail was that he didn’t know the rule about foreign waters. Plus he seems pretty interested in Jennice’s love life. He hadn’t liked the way she hid having a boyfriend.

Then there’s Amy and she’s actually enjoying the group they have this week. She finds one of the women to be sort of a soul sister so no one’s going to hear her whine. She likes the people, she likes her job, and unlike everyone else she doesn’t need to miss her family because her brother is onboard with her.

So it’s fair to say she has it easy and then again she knew what she was signing up for. Many people take on this sort of job in order to travel the world and make some money while doing it. But they don’t complain like Kat does. Kate has only complained about the trip. It’s as if she’s regretting taking on the job.

And if that’s the case then Kate wants the other woman to quit. She’s stuck having to work with Kat and they’re just too different. These two will never become besties. Kate is a perfectionist and Kat is not. So that leaves Kat calling Kate anal and Kate calling Kat bothersome.

The ship isn’t big enough to ignore people so whether they like or not – the crew is forcibly pushed into painful scenarios. Kate and Kat had to work together and Captain Lee had to go to dinner with their guests. They had asked and he couldn’t find a polite excuse to say no. Though he knew what would be in store for him if he did go to the dinner. And like last time – a woman inappropriately threw her breast practically into his face.

Georgia had done the same thing before so he had hoped she would be a better guest this time and end up woefully disappointed. So that left him in her clutches because he couldn’t really afford to insult a guest by telling her to act her age.

And it’s a lucky thing that he kept his opinions to himself. Georgia may have been a cougar with sharp claws but she was also a truly great tipper. She left the crew fifteen grand and the captain had equally shared it out for everyone. Andrew got the same cut and no one felt like he deserved it. That whole porthole thing wasn’t his only mistake on the trip and the Captain had to warn him to shape up.

Later the crew all went out to dinner together and some old problems between Amy and Kat came up. The ladies didn’t want to address it in front of everyone so they stayed mum yet Kate picked up on it. And like a shark that sensed blood in the water – she wanted to know why someone else doesn’t like Kat.

Though nothing was said.

Afterwards Jennice, Kelley, and Kat were joking around on the swing when it suddenly flipped over and Kelley hit the ground hard. Amy was naturally worried about her brother and was close to tears when out of nowhere Kat came over to her and tried to comfort her. So it seems that problems weren’t that bad if they could so easily be benched in times of trouble.