Beyonce and Jay-Z Split: Divorce and Cancel ‘On The Run’ Tour After Solange Elevator Attack

Beyonce and Jay-Z Split: Divorce and Cancel 'On The Run' Tour After Solange Elevator Attack

Beyonce and Jay-Z were planning a massive summer stadium tour, On The Run, with huge corporate sponsorship, but what corporation wants to be associated with domestic violence? What are the chances of that tour continuing now? Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, attacked Jay-Z at the MET Gala last week, and it’s becoming more than obvious that it was because Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce. Why else would Beyonce’s younger sister beat up Jay-Z, especially without Beyonce stepping in?

Technically, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been spotted together since the fight – but the evidence points to all these public appearances being extremely strained. After the fight [which happened last week at the Standard Hotel following the MET Gala in NYC], Beyonce and Solange got into one car, and Jay-Z got into another. If that doesn’t confirm that some major drama went down between all three of them, then I don’t know what will.

The consensus seems to be that Beyonce told Solange about Jay-Z affairs – or something else equally damning – and Solange lost her cool. Whether she’s just protective of her sister or furious that Jay-Z could cheat on her, the aftermath wasn’t pretty. TMZ managed to get an extended video of the attack, and Solange really goes all out. She kicks Jay-Z, she punches him, and she basically tries to hurt him in every way possible – and I guarantee, she would have succeeded in bruising him and worse if she didn’t have a bodyguard holding her back.

We don’t know what words were exchanged during the fight because none of these videos have audio, but it’s pretty easy to guess. Solange got angry on her sister’s behalf, attacked Jay-Z, and then she and Beyonce left Jay-Z to try to deal with the situation on their own. Beyonce tried to keep up public appearances for the last week, but there’s a difference between making several appearances with Jay-Z and conducting an entire summer tour with him. Beyonce’s got an ego, so I find it difficult to believe that she would go ahead with the tour after this – especially now that people have found out about it.

Of course, it’s all coming out in the open now, so it’ll be interesting to see how Beyonce and Jay-Z respond. But honestly, it would be extremely surprising to see them reunite for the tour of they were normal people, no?

Of course they are not normal people – Bey and Jay are a business and they put business first – now the couple is in a frenzy trying to cover-up the massive elevator fight and it’s fallout. Imagine that corporate sponsors aren’t exactly thrilled about being associated with domestic violence – family squabbles that turn into wild viscous beat-downs in elevators.

Today as a ridiculous pap-call, Jay-Z and Solange went shopping together at high-end jewelry store, Mr. Flawless. What a crock – do Jay-Z and Beyonce think the public is that stupid? Solange hates Jay-Z, deleted all her pics with Bey on Twitter and Instagram, and tried to beat her husband to death in an elevator. This “first couple of music” is more like the first couple of BS. Please just divorce already and save your daughter Blue Ivy from growing up with a family in violent crisis. What do you guys think?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Instagram