LeAnn Rimes Forces Eddie Cibrian To Ask Brandi Glanville For Child Support

LeAnn Rimes Forces Eddie Cibrian To Ask Brandi Glanville For Child Support

Brandi Glanville is either the biggest liar on the planet, or Eddie Cibrian is truly a scumbag famewhore that will sink to any lows to keep his money. Or you know, both are likely true.

According to Brandi, Eddie is asking her for child support, despite the fact that he and LeAnn Rimes live a very luxurious lifestyle in a palatial home. In fact, Brandi had previously revealed that her sons are often treated like royalty over at Eddie’s home, with multiple amenities in the home, all the latest high-tech gadgets, and given anything and everything they ever wanted. She complained that there was no way she could match up to that, especially with her meager [in comparison] earnings.

Brandi tweeted, “Now Mr. fancy new cars & house man is asking ME for child support!” She also added, “Every time I take one step forward I get a lawyer’s letter that takes me 3 steps back so when people say move on, I say to my ex LET ME! Just STOP.” 

Brandi also recently revealed that Eddie still hasn’t paid her the child support that he owes her, even though he clearly has plenty of money to keep buying cars and houses.

Is this all part of Brandi’s master plan to ruin Eddie’s public image? Or is she telling the truth? I can’t imagine she would lie about something that could so easily be proven false, so I’m guessing she’s telling the truth. And if she is, that’s truly a disgraceful move on Eddie’s part. Sure, he may not have that reality show cash rolling in just yet – but Brandi’s not wrong when she says that he and LeAnn live like kings and queens, which means they don’t need child support. If anything, Brandi deserves it more as a single mother, especially if she’s telling the truth and Eddie still hasn’t paid her.

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  • guest

    Child support depends on the income of the mother and father. She has more money now because she’s working and they share custody 50/50… It makes sense to have child support revisited. Why should he pay more child support if she makes more money and they share custody?

    Leanne’s money doesn’t enter into the equation in custody cases. I honestly can’t believe people would want ger to be the one who covers the cost of the child support or that Brandi would want to take her money under the pretense of it being for the kids.

    And honestly, how tacky of Brandi to make what should be private a public gossip point. Seriously, stuff like this happens in custody cases all the time… She’s not unique. She really needs to handle these issues more maturely. And quietly. Some things shouldn’t be used to sell books or get free publicity… At some point, she needs to cultivate a sense of pride, or at least a sense of self away from “d list model who’s now a c list reality star who’s c list husband had an affair with a c list country singer, and now has ghostwriters write books about it.”

    • Adkm81

      But Eddie refuses to work! Why should B have to pay his lazy butt

      • gessie

        Best Man Holiday.

  • Adkm81

    Here’s a thought: EDDIE COULD GET A JOB!

  • gessie

    She frequently lies about things that can be proven wrong, for example the “lawsuit” from Adrienne Maloof that never existed. At some point he is going to have to sue her for slander to get her to stop. Lisa Vanderpump got a retraction, albeit not a very nice or honest one last week when she accused them of declaring bankruptcy. I know he never responds to her never-ending harassment for the sake of the kids, but when is enough, enough?

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