Britney Spears Caught Lip Syncing During Vegas Show When Mic Fell Off (VIDEO)

Britney Spears Caught Lip Syncing During Vegas Show When Mic Fell Off (VIDEO)

Oh, Britney. Why don’t celebrities understand that lip syncing in today’s world is a bad, bad idea? With the sophistication of the technological resources that fans have available, it takes very little to discern when a singer is faking it – and it’s even easier when that singer’s mic pack falls off. Unfortunately for Britney Spears, that’s exactly what happened to her earlier this week.

According to reports, Britney’s mic pack came off during one of her ‘Piece of Me’ Vegas performances, and while it didn’t fall of completely, it was enough to discern that she wasn’t actually singing. Britney was in the midst of performing to her single Stronger, when some of her more energetic movements caused the mic to come out of its place, thereby letting the entire audience know that Britney was lip syncing. Tut tut tut.

I get that it’s difficult to sing when you’re performing at that level, especially when your dance choreography is as intense as Britney’s is. However, if Beyonce can put hours and hours of work into performing and singing at the same time, I think Britney can manage the same. Sure, Britney has her own issues, but when she’s getting millions of dollars for performing, the least she could do is actually, you know, perform.

Obviously, Britney immediately knew she was in trouble the minute the mic came off. She tried to adjust it quickly, but you know some poor sob backstage is going to eat it for this mishap.

Anyway, fans are not happy, and some are even demanding a refund, and I can’t say I blame them. Some of those tickets are crazy expensive, and I don’t think anyone’s paying that kind of money to see lip syncing, especially not in a supposed ‘live’ show.

  • Hilarious! She needs to get it together

  • drdebo cherry

    NOONE on the planet thinks Britney EVER sang, or sings, live.