Bruce Jenner To Compete On Dancing With the Stars 2014 as a Woman During Sex Change Transition (PHOTOS)

Bruce Jenner To Compete On Dancing With the Stars 2014 as a Woman During Sex Change Transition (PHOTOS)

Bruce Jenner is about to embark on his first year without Kris Jenner in almost 22 years, and he’s about to make it a special one. According to reports, Bruce has set some interesting goals for himself for 2014. One is obviously to complete his transformation into a woman, something he was never able to do while he was with Kris Jenner. The other is reportedly to appear on Dancing With The Stars. You’d think he’d have come up with better goals now that he’s finally free of that famewhore ball and chain, but I guess not.

Well, to be fair to him, his plan to get a sex change has been rumored for several decades now. The only reason he wasn’t able to go about his wishes was because his family wasn’t supportive, and Kris wouldn’t allow it. But Dancing with the Stars?

I guess if he does go through with the sex change procedure, his contributions to Keeping Up With the Kardashians will be drastically reduced, per Kris’s orders. That would mean that he would lose out on all the money that the show was constantly bringing into his life, although he’ll still have syndication income coming in. Even then, with the lifestyle that he’s used to living, I could see why Dancing with the Stars would be an appealing option. They pay well, he’s used to humiliating himself on reality television, and it might even give him enough momentum to land another reality show down the line. ‘Living with Brusilla’, perhaps?

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  • Suzy

    I’m not a fan of the show, but occasionally would see snippets as I was surfing channels. It was very clear to me that Bruce Jenner was always UNCOMFORTABLE with the superficialness of his wife and her children. His discomfort was palpable. I applaude him for leaveing his wife who’s mind set is/was, all about money, and notoriety. His personal endeavors are HIS. At best, he was a “show piece” for her monetary gain. I’m glad he broke from that superficial hold they had on him.