Bruce Jenner Aims to be a Better Woman than Ex-Wife Kris with Sex Change Gender Reassignment

Bruce Jenner Aims to be a Better Woman than Ex-Wife Kris with Sex Change Gender Reassignment

It was pretty clear from the moment that Bruce and Kris Jenner announced that their marriage was over that he was ready for a totally different life. I always kind of got the impression that Bruce resented having a camera following him through daily life but he went along with it to make Kris happy – and get paid millions. Once Bruce realized it wasn’t worth his time or energy to try and make her happy he was bound to end up going in a totally different direction and what we have seen emerging is a totally different guy.

When those rumors first started about Bruce wanting to transform himself into a woman I think most of us chuckled and sort of blew them off, right? However, in the last few months it has become pretty crystal clear that he is indeed headed for gender reassignment surgery. You might go for ombre hair, a french manicure and grannies shades of lipstick just to toy with the idea of womanhood. But you don’t shave your Adam’s apple and begin hormone therapy as Bruce has, unless you’re serious as a heart attack about completing the surgical transformation as well.

Bruce has opted to step away from Hollywood altogether and is probably as happy to be finished with reality TV as he is to be away from the krumbling Kardashian empire. Some sites like Hollywood Life have tried to say that Bruce is still in love with Kris and totally grieving his marriage. I have to say absolutely nothing about his behavior indicates that to me. Instead he seems to be on a clearly defined mission and that is to become a much better woman, inside and out than his soon-to-be-ex could ever hope to be and let’s face it – it won’t be too difficult! Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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