Charlie Sheen Cuts Off Denise Richards’ Child Support: Won’t Let Daughters Near His Porn Star Fiancee Brett Rossi

Charlie Sheen Cuts Off Denise Richards' Child Support: Won't Let Daughters Near His Porn Star Fiancee Brett Rossi

Being an EX-anything of Charlie Sheen must not be an easy part to play. Denise Richards may be learning that (again!) the hard way. Despite her helping to raise Sheen’s sons with former wife Brooke Mueller while Brooke was in rehab and Charlie was….well, Charlie, she ended up upsetting the porn addict by supposedly keeping his daughters away from him. I mean, really…can we blame her? Charlie Sheen is a manipulative bully with substance abuse issues who is engaged to a porn star – yep, that’s just who most moms want their little girls spending time with.

Apparently, during the holidays, Sheen wanted to spend time with his two daughters he shares with Denise. Denise already had plans for vacationing with the girls and refused to change them. Her rep had claimed she invited Sheen to join them, while he denied here was an offer to tag along. When he was unable to see his girls over the holidays, he immediately waged war against Denise and has since stopped paying his court-ordered child support. TMZ reports he has informed Richards that she’ll need to take up in a new neighborhood because he is selling the home he had bought for her and the kids. She is prepping for a legal battle now and is prepared to take Charlie to court for the child support he has stopped paying.

Message to learn from all this…don’t marry Charlie, have kids with him, and then piss him off. Better yet, just don’t marry or have kids with the guy. Brett Rossi…are you paying attention??

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  • cityslicker13

    CS is just a no-good addict. He’ll be in real trouble if he tries to stop court-appointed child support.

  • Jo

    I think she’s finally learned her lesson, wouldn’t be surprised she ditches his house , support and hitches up with someone richer than him LOL can you imagine..?>