Kyle Chrisley’s Baby Mama Exposed – Angela Victoria Johnson Revealed At Last

Kyle Chrisley's Baby Mama Exposed - Angela Victoria Johnson Revealed At Last

Chrisley Knows Best star Kyle Chrisley [a.k.a. the son with a bad past] and his famewhoring parents, Todd Chrisley and Julia Chrisley, have been doing their best to coo over baby Chloe on the show without bringing attention to the identity of her mother.

In their minds, Chloe is Kyle’s daughter, and that’s the end of the matter. However, Radar Online reveals that Kyle’s secret baby mama is actually a woman named Angela Victoria Johnson from Iva, South Carolina. I have to say, I feel pretty bad for this woman to have gotten mixed up in all this, even if she was well compensated in allowing her daughter to spend time with the Chrisleys.

Anyway, Radar’s acquired the court documents involved in the custody of baby Chloe, and it looks like the entire family [including Todd, Julia, and Kyle] filed a legitimation suit against Angela Johnson, months after she gave birth but months before USA agreed to air the series. A legitimation suit is used by the father of a child to establish his parentage in the wake of childbirth out of wedlock. In this case, it looks like Kyle and his family knew that they would be needing permission to get Chloe in the series, and instead of coercing Angela into agreeing, Kyle decided that he needed to establish his own custody.

Of course, the real reason they wanted the baby on the show is obvious – ratings. Baby Chloe has done a lot to boost Kyle’s image, which was in the crapper after the allegations of woman-beating and drug addiction.

Anyway, even though Angela and Kyle [and co] have a mutual restraining order in place – likely due to Kyle’s violent tendencies – they’ve managed to work out a beneficial custody arrangement for baby Chloe. And obviously, whatever hesitations Angelina had in agreeing to this were quickly dissipated with her daughter’s growing fame – and she says as much in a recent Facebook post, where she wrote, “My baby is so small here … I love it, famous already!”

What do you guys think about the reveal of baby Chloe’s parentage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • ali

    I feel whether a camera is in your face or your life is a one snap picture. Alot of us would love if the past remain the past and the future remains for us to make changes in our present life. However the Chrisley’s past were, I feel watching how they are now, their future is not written or scripted out for any of us to write for them and if a baby thrown into the mix make for good tv. I think its great. We all have a choice to turn our tv and watch our own lives play out. If they famewhores we are the pimps feeding the beast that entertains us all. We as people and americans have more power than we know over these so called celebrities. We can stop watching (ratings go down) stop buying their music, the magazine’s that keep them alive in the public…they are rich because we allow it and we that allow it are left to talk about their lives we help fulfill. They not worried about our lives let alone know any of our names. Untill then watch or turn

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